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  1. 1. BoBB: Bank of Buried in the Backyard2. BoM: Bank of in the Mattress:P
  2. Enjoy! :(You now get the pleasure of watching a great, great hitter day in and day out.
  3. troyomac: raises 1000 to 1600nightowl40: folds KrazyBlunt: folds JohnnyBax: calls 1600Pinny Wize: folds 1-ronnyr3: folds *** FLOP *** [Ad Ks 5c]troyomac: bets 2400JohnnyBax: calls 2400*** TURN *** [Ad Ks 5c] [2d]troyomac: bets 6000JohnnyBax: calls 6000*** RIVER *** [Ad Ks 5c 2d] [8d]troyomac: bets 11925 and is all-inJohnnyBax: calls 11925*** SHOW DOWN ***troyomac: shows [Kc Kd] (three of a kind, Kings)JohnnyBax: shows [Qc Ah] (a pair of Aces)troyomac collected 44750 from pot:D Go Ray!!!!Gl everyone
  4. "Will beg for mobney on effceepee for new left hand"
  5. lol Did you ever see the X-files episode w/ chupacabra
  6. Hmm...baby had his eyes, right? lolThat video is a riot. I like the fan in the backround....lol they even got the wind machine. lol
  7. Congrats (tomorrow) Naked :Dedit: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=126362 Gov's getting nervous
  8. HA...LOL So true...ISAP but I've come to terms with it I'll stake ya a 4.40/180 on stars!!!!
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