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  1. No, not at all. Plenty of people commit suicide for all kinds of irrational reasons. But the early Christian teachers had first hand knowledge of who they were teaching about. I am talking about the "conspirators, " as you would call them , of the Christian faith. The so called inventors of the kinder, gentler, God you talked about in another post. These people, who were NOT depending solely on faith, but, were actual witnesses of the life of God on earth. If they were just making up a new way to manipulate the public then they would have done as Osamu Bin Laden and send lackeys out to
  2. I find it ridiculous too, so would everyone else, so maybe there was plenty of evidence, at least enough to where people willingly died horrible deaths for these so called fairly tails.
  3. Why do you spend so much time on a religious forum? I am not saying that you shouldn't post, In fact I am glad you do because you bring an interesting perspective. ( and as far as I know, you don't deliberately try and hijack someones post) I am just curious why someone who doesn't believe in God would bother spending time and energy posting in these forums.
  4. I won't speak for the two posters you mentioned specifically, but most people this motivated to post on a religous forum, trying to hijack posts ect, hate God for a specific reason. Some event happened in their life whether it be unanswered prayer which failed to save a loved one, failed to rescue them from a severe trama or abuse. An example would be that Ted Turner lost his mother when he was just a boy. She died despite passionate pleas and prayer from him. Anyway many of these people are very bitter (understandibly) and are still searching ( or being pulled by God) back to faith.
  5. Well, the values of our society have gotten worse, possibly because they have abandoned teachings of Christianity. The quality of life for the average American is much higher than it was years ago yet do you think people are generally happier. Violence, mistrust, fear, hedonism, neglect and abuse abound in our society as much now, (probably more) as anytime. The abuses and corruption of the church is part of the problem, but that doesn't mean the teachings of Christianity are to blame for societies ills, in fact the opposite is true.
  6. Hey herokid, We need to exchange emails. The Lord told me to tell you to put 2K in my pokerstars account. Just Kiddin' Very Neat story.
  7. That fireballer Weaver is perfect through 2. He is topping 95 consistantly on the Fox gun
  8. You are probably right. However, As I stated earlier, a study of the early church supports this. And most all the early protastant churches had same beliefs until relatively recently. I will try to get you some sources to back this up when I have time. Thank You Braveheart, for your response. Many of those mentioned in you post are what has sent me down the path I now follow. I work the midnight shift, and watch tv most of my shift. As I was clicking through the channels one night I happened to see Jeff Suppan (Pitcher for the ST. Louis Cardinals baseball team) being interviewed o
  9. I had very different experience, I remember absolutely nothing about the classes we took before confirmation( must have really had an impact on me ) I just got dressed up, and met my sponser at the church with the rest of my classmates. It meant nothing to me, or if it did I don't remember now. In fact, if I rejoin the church I will probably request to go thru confirmation again( if possible)I don't understand about the annulment, did the church do something wrong?I definately think you are onto something about the chants. I think you could even use the Rosery as a way of getting close t
  10. Thank You theresa, I haven't been on full contact website for quite a while, so long I had to reregister. I came specifically for the forum on religion, and to look for a thread exactly like the one you started several months ago. It was at the very top of the list today. I have been reading alot and it is appearing more and more as though all roads do in deed lead to Rome. I am traveling the same road that braveheart has been traveling ( though I am far behind him). theresa, do you wonder why so many Catholics abandon the faith when they come of age. It appears to be an epidem
  11. I think one of the main problems, as others in the post have eluded to, is that as children in catholic schools we were lead and coached on what to do, how to pray, when to stand up, kneel down, recite what and when, but weren't taught why. So, not having our faith deeply rooted in anything, we are quick to wander away as we come of age. I too thought I wasn't taught anything from the Bible for the years I went to catholic church. The fact is that if you go this Sunday and attend a Catholic Mass any where in this country you will hear for about 30 to 45 minutes of readings, prayers, direct
  12. " There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Roman Catholic Church; there are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church." -- Archbishop Fulton SheenThank you for starting this post, it was exactly what I was looking for today. I am a cradle Catholic, and went to Catholic School 1st - 8th grade. I was confirmed and went to a few CCD classes although I don't remember going for very long. Once in college my church days were over except for weddings and such. I was secularist in my lifestyle, but always believed in God and J
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