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  1. A Mormon chooses a Catholic as his running mate which shores up and locks down the evangelical vote. Interesting dynamic. This was pointed out in something i read, but I can't find the article, I think it was somewhere on National Review Online.
  2. I read this three times to be sure, but I agree with all of this except the 'open a church because your a prophet comment'
  3. I agree with you to a point, but the founders did not intend for a Church to be shut out of civil society. They should be allowed to have a voice in the public debate and be allowed to try and influence and make a case for what they see as beneficial for society at large. I am not saying they should be the only voice, only that they should have a voice. There are many on the left, including the president who don't think they should have any voice outside of the Church building on Sunday. They are being told to make a choice between following their religion on running a business. This sh
  4. I don't know if it is uniquely religious or not, but it is a sacrament in the Church, and I couldn't speak for every traditional marriage supporter/gay marriage opponent, but the problem that Catholic Church has is that they see the family as the cornerstone of society. The family has taken a big hit due to abortion, contraception, divorce, sexual revolution, and children(the ones not aborted) are the ones effected most. To change the definition of marriage would be to change what is the cornerstone of society. Man and Women committing to each other and their offspring and growing together
  5. Why do they need to be married? Why does the definition of marriage have to be changed? The supporters of traditional marriage have been called much worse than prideful and arrogant. I can't honestly say whether or not Cathy would support civil unions so gay couples get equality under the law, but I know a lot of people who support traditional marriage would be fine with gay couples entering a civil union, the problem is in changing the definition of marriage for a lot of people, not all, but a lot.
  6. Yes, sorry I guess we needed to narrow the focus. I started in the thread responding to Daniel's rant. Cathy's public comments weren't very inflammatory, in fact gay marriage wasn't even mentioned in the interview. The comments were used by certain politicians to try and keep his business from expanding to their area. I object to mostly to that, and also the role the media played. The media won't be pulling donation lists of Muslim owned businesses. This was a hit job from the beginning, and when it backfired the media tried to ignore it. You may just disagree with his comments, but ot
  7. http://www.nationalr...cers-mark-steynThis says it all.Damn it wakefield where did you go, I have been gone for a while and I want to fight. Start another thread if you are sick of this one. Lets argue about something religious, if not start something in the political forum, lets fight about Obama. Irishguy where are you? Cane?
  8. I am saying he is the one being victimized here. Nothing has been done to one gay person because of his personal beliefs on traditional marriage. You play the money donation game all day long. How many businessmen give to muslim groups who call for the death penalty for gays. You won't find these guys harassed by the media or politicans that are persecuting Cathy. What is your point? Why are you in this thread? You think Cathy is terrible because he donates money to groups which the huff post claims does all kinds of bad things? I think it is slander, and it is laying the groundwork
  9. Another thing, why would he hire homosexuals if he thought they were criminals? He doesn't have to share or have knowledge of every belief or position of those to whom he donates money.
  10. The Mayor of Chicago and an alderman have said that Chick-fil-a will be denied permits to expand to Chicago, also San Fransico, and I think Boston. Anyway, have fun reading every quote and policy position on every entity who recieve donations from the places with which you do business. I will pass, and recognize that many people have nuanced positions many of which I probably disagree with(including chick-fil-a), I won't be calling for them to be stripped of their opportunity to participate in civil society.
  11. So if all the things you say here are the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, which I don't concede, you are fine with Chick-fil-a being denied business licenses because of who they donate their money? The Southern Law Poverty Center has their own bias and bigotry and could just as easily be called a hate group. At the very least millions of americans including myself could care less who the Southern Law Poverty Center calls a hate group.
  12. What hateful thing did Cathy say? This is either fake of LT Varval is as uninformed as Daniel. I thank him for his service, but this is a ridiculous letter.
  13. Chick-fil-UH? Really? Silly uninformed rant.He probably hasn't even read the quotes. He obviously doesn't have a good grasp of the facts. It is easy to sympathize with him for being protective of his friends, but it doesn't do any good to put people in the Anti-Gay, or Gay Hate catagory because they don't think politicians should give out permits based on whether or not the applicant shares the same social, religious, political views as the politicians.There are a ton of nuanced views between Gay Hate and Pro-traditional marriage. Also, to say gays are picked on because of religion is n
  14. Apparently there is nothing more to be added in defense of Zimmerman. I thought maybe something may surface where Zimmerman saw Martin doing something he shouldn't be doing, like trying to break in to something or caught him on some one's property. But apparently he actually called the police just because the guy was in the neighborhood. Zimmerman himself stated on the police tape that Martin was running. Then he claimed he was later ambushed by Martin. Then he was taking such a brutal ass whipping that he had to kill him. The guys credibility is lacking big time IMO. Of course new in
  15. This women is a chip off the old block!! Excellent! I wish she was getting more publicity. http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/28/alveda-k...trayvon-martin/Don't be turned off by the title, actually very little in it about Sharpton and Jackson.
  16. http://reason.tv/video/show/ilya-somin-on-why-the-individuThey start talking about Gonzales v. Raich about the 6 minute mark. The difference is that they were regulating an activity in Raich, but in this case they are trying to regulate inactivity. I am going the other way, I think it makes it through, Kennedy seemed to have done a 180 by the end. The old boy needs to be put down. 5-4 upholding the mandate
  17. Bingo, today I saw a guy being interviewed by George Snufleuffugus who was a friend of Zimmerman. He said he isn't even sure Zimmerman was the one who pulled the trigger. (The friend was a black guy) It should also be pointed out that Zimmerman may have thought he was someone who ascribed himself to the larger (D) philosophy
  18. From a conservative blog site. JustOneMinute"...And on the subject of temperment, let's add that Zimmerman had a domestic violence situation with his spouse ending in mutual restraining orders, and an assault charge on a cop that was dropped after he took what sounds like an anger management class. That was all seven or eight years ago and he is now 28, but who's the hothead?"
  19. What are the chances they over react and try to charge this guy with 1st or 2nd degree murder. Remember the attempted murder trial of the Rodney King cops.I ask as unbiased observer, if it was my family member killed, I think I would want to see this pushed to the max, and rightly so.
  20. Fair enough, I just saw where you called BG a racist, sexist, and bigot all in one post over in the Exploitation thread, I guess I will hang out over there for a while.
  21. Your simply lying here to make your self feel superior. You may not call the cops or act on your suspicion in any way at all. But I dare say if you lived in a gated community in which you and/or several of your neighbors had experienced recent break-ins that you would be at least somewhat suspicious of a stranger walking through at night. I will even go as far as to say that seeing a large, young black man wearing a hoodie would make you even more suspicious. Especially if the gated community were overwhelmingly white. I am not picking on you, I believe this applies to almost every human
  22. Your damn right its relevant. If this guy is violent then he may have confronted and attacked zimmerman just for following him or questioning him. From what I have read I agree with what you stated in your earlier post about him being scared, confused, ect. That Zimmerman probably was at fault. But you saying that other stuff isn't relevant when self-defense is being claimed is wrong. Now ideally it wouldn't be reported in the media, but, thats the problem with the way these things always get handled. It is the nature of the beast. When you trial someone through the media, the victim
  23. Usually the way it works is that more conservative leaning reports uncover this new stuff the MSM never even bothered to investigate (because they have their narrative already). Finally they are forced kicking and screaming to finally report these new findings. But Brietbart is dead and I haven't read anything other than sympathetic reports towards Martin in the conservative blogs and news sites. There are those critical of the media, black panthers, Sharpton, Jesse, ect, but not towards Martin. So maybe the msm is actually digging some of this new info up. Irish says he read some of thes
  24. I think the whole point is the media caused all this. Dude the media is the one saying he followed him just because he was black wearing a hoodie. Anyone unknown walking in a gated community where there have been several recent break ins would be rightly considered suspicious. The bold part is silly. No one is saying he deserved to die, in fact mainly, at least in this thread, people are commenting on how the media is portraying this.
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