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  1. Neat chart. We played with 8 last month... Split the top 2 spots (2/3 : 1/3). 2nd stack busted 3rd stack and was still behind in chips. A little whining, and considered waiting until busting 3rd stack would push him to chip leader. Played with 7 tonight. Decided to pay top 2, to be chopped if they wanted. First tourney, split offered when HU, and declined by chip leader. A couple of hands later, it was closer and folks were itching to restart. Chopped (50-50)Second tourney, I was HU, offered a chop, the other guy wanted to count. I told him the offer was going to change and he would owe
  2. Told this to a few guys at our home game tonight... figured I'd check for any resolution...Any updates?
  3. Expecting 10, got 6 a tourney. We decided to play to the last 2, and have them split 50-50.. just so we could start again a bit quicker. Down to 3, one monster stack and 2 very short stacks. One very short gets busted and the other very short splits evenly with the monster stack.Sounds unfair, as the person with 95% of the chips, when evenly matched, should win 95% of the time...Getting ready for another night, and thinking about calling it with 3 left (we expect at least 1 full table). One player has suggested we just settle places by chipstacks... and although that stops a tiny stack fro
  4. If he isn't gonna fire again.... call and bet when he checks.Agree that a "free" card to pair his overs is less expensive than a raise if we're beat.Note: Another example of why not to be so predictable...
  5. Very surprised to read this. 1. Would the casino and/or authorities be able to physically remove chips/cash from a person in ANY situation? How different would it be if I grabbed some $500 chips from another player, or from the house?2. Would it have made a difference if some chips were placed into the pot? I don't think it's necessary to push them all in, but perhaps the casinos will now require some sort of physical movement to signify all-in.3. What does the rake pay for? Is it really a guarentee to be paid off?OP - Sorry to hear it. I'd continue to let as many folks as possible hea
  6. No need for a 2nd thread, for my 2nd dip in...Same tourney. This time I lasted until Round 6.Had a few freindly folks at the table, one who said he played this tourney a lot, and recognized the fella at the other end. Apparantly this villain has a rep for raising with KQ an awful lot.I fought to maintian my starting amounts, and managed to double to near 10k (still less than average), when the villain raises to 5k (300 ante, 600-1200). I look down to find AK, figure I have a good chance to double and push all-in. Villain calls and shows KJ. I'm stoked until the flop comes KJx, turn 10, riv
  7. Along these lines, I find myself making overcompensating to change gears. I'll push too often on draws, and slowplay too many stong hands. I think it makes me tougher to read in live games, but I'm worried that I become a bad transparent at times.Sometimes I wish I had a timer, letting me know when to go from aggressive to tight. I can often change gears when the new dealer sits, but I still think others are reading me too well. I guess I have some tells that I need to hide.
  8. Decided to dip my toes into the 100+20 Ceasers tourney in Atlantic City.Started with 5k in chips, limped a few times, got out when nothing hit.Round 2 -- JJI raise it up to 400 (50-100) and get 1 caller.Flop QQxChecked to me, I bet 400, he calls.xChecked again, I bet 800, he calls.xHe bets out 1200. I think for a min and call. Yup, he had the Q.Very next handRound 2 - QQI raise it up to 400, get 1 caller.Flop A33Bets 400 to me. I fold.Round 3 - AQI've got approx 1000 left.50 ante, 100-200 blinds4 or 5 limpers, I'm in BB and go all-inGet one caller "Pot Odds" and he flips 75s (diamonds)Flop A
  9. Fold. Live to play another day.What do I think he has.... same as others, 2 pr or a set (with a 3).
  10. SooooWhat would you pay for the chance to play?
  11. I'd like to say I'd call, that's what I voted anyway.Chances are IRL, I fold and try to enjoy playing the ME, with a couple of top pros at my table.Ditto the "take the donks chips later" comments. Home tourney - I fold. I know I'm better than 60% to get in the money. This past weekends 10 player tourney, I won without ever having to go all-in.RE: Table goes all-in on first hand and I have AA... fold 'em, I don't know the odds, but I ain't going out like that.Side-question... What is the % when the other 9 (to your AA)? Since a few guys will require hands, lets go with 3 pairs (KK, JJ, 99)
  12. I don't know the official rules, but in our home tourneys we play that the BB moves, regardless. If that means someone gets put in the spot of having to post a 2nd sb, then we don't have a sb on the next hand.More discussion is about who has to DEAL
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