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  1. how does ESPN WSOP compare to the WPT when it comes to commentary, etc? I have the to first seasons on DVD, but I have yet to purchase the WSOP DVD-set.. also, is the format the same, do they only show the final table or do they air play from the earlier rounds as well? (I've read in reports that they have a TV-table, so i guess i know the answer to that one already, blahblah)
  2. anyone know how much 10,000$ was back when the WSOP started, when you adjust for inflation?
  3. sure flopping monsters is cool, but its no fun flopping a full house with AA in 30 60 and get beat on turn by a Royal Street Flush.i hardly ever play 30 60, so this sucked bigtime. it happened to me yesterday..
  4. I loved Bali too. It's a great place to live slow and enjoy life. It's a little bit more expensive than other spots around Asia, but makes for a great starting point to any trip.
  5. of course not. places like Singapore and Hongkong is very expensive and I went to both places after having a few very good weeks pokerwise. these places are unique for the region though. and for the comments about getting stabbed, etc. well, acually the risk of that is not really high. people down here have no problem with stealing from you, but robberiesviolence is very uncommon.. if you're a little bit more careful than the average guy, i think the risk of having this happen to you is much less here than in most parts of the US.
  6. Hello,I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, and here it is:I have a great tip for all you young (winning) online poker players out there. What you need is :1. a decent bankroll and a proven record as a winning player2. a lack of strong ties to your home country (no dept, no kids)3. an independent spirit and strong faith in your abilities4. an urge to travel and see the world!!Living expenses in large parts of the world are extremely cheap. More and more internet places pop up all the time and (at least in Asia where I’ve been roaming around for about a year now) most poker soft
  7. is this true? i mean, are u really sure? where did u read it and are u sure it was suicide? Im just wondering what gun he chose, that guy had a huge arsenal. also i bet he chose to go out on a real high, probably stuffed with mescalin and whatnot.also, i would like to encourage everyone to read his stuff! all his political commentary stuff are gathered in collections, also his classic 'on the campaign trail' books and of course "F&L in Las Vegas" (the book is a classic, a total mustread! and be sure to get the illustrated version!!)rest in peace, HST. u were a rambling genius!!
  8. of course, i do agree fully with both objections. i just wanted to point out that theres more than one way to do things, at least if ur not just starting out. personally i just dont have the patience to grind it out at the lowest limits. also, i forgot to mention, a big reason for me using this tactic (which works, believe it or not!) is that i recognize a big weakness i have: whenever i get over, say, 2000$, i have a very strong urge to go try the really high limits (which can be very painful, as ive learned), so i stick to my gameplan, which (if your a good player) actually works well in the
  9. diving into a 1 2 game with 50$, even tho thats ur entire bankroll, is not so stupid. dont ridicule it! for some of us, pplaying penny-poker is not an option - its boring and at least for me feels stupid, when u know u can beat the higher limits. so personally, i'd rather take a shot and a) start building a roll right away, or b)lose it all and start over...ive used this tactic for years and it works, for me anyway.. ive even take it a bit further and often dive right into a 3 6 game (with 60) or a 5/10 game (100). of course, i disregard the whole bankroll management-thing. i usually run my 'r
  10. anyone know of good places to buy the WPT-DVDs online?
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