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  1. I just pmed you with the info....looking forward to this.... sounds like a lot of fun.
  2. oh man! I am excited about this..... looks like a lot of fun.... count me in.
  3. are you really that much of an idiot? seriously?could you possibly be that much of an idiot?do you think that Tritz SERIOUSLY went to visit Pstars? seriously?use some common sense dude..... if you live your whole life waiting for everyone to say 'sw' to you when they're joking you're gonna be a very very confused failure of a man.
  4. Aseem..... I know kind of how you feel....You know, when I started playing poker online..... I was a real noob as far as professional playing went.... I knew poker, I had been playing poker for a long time.....but I had never read a book about Bankroll Management....I didn't really know what limits I should be playing at, how much I should have to support myself....so I deposited $50 into True Poker..... after a while I had a really weird system.....I would have $200 in my account every night..... I would star out by playing a couple sit and gos..... ussually $10+1.... at the same time I would
  5. ok..... here's the thing dumba$$.....We are poker players here. Our minds automatically assess the risk and reward of every investment.We don't just randomly go around throwing money away(at least all the smart ones here) Even Daniel Negreanu doesn't go around throwing money away.... He gambles, yes. that's clear... BUT he always takes positions where it is more fair (such as handicapping strokes in golf, or balls in pool) and where it is favorable for him to win, if he wins, will it be worth the amount he could lose?The answer for this is an obvious no. If I wanted an ESPN tshirt I'd buy one
  6. who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing here?
  7. yeah umm..... probably beause it would be REALLY REALLY easy to set up a private league on yahoo.... So you'd be playing against the same exact FCP forum members (not Jimmy and Bobby, but the same people)you could designate one person or one account to hold the $30 from everyone and then there could be a $300 prize pool instead of an Effing t-shirt.I'm not gonna pay $30 for a CHANCE at winning an effing t-shirt.that way people will still focus and stay on all the way through.... because there is a $300 prize pool to work for.I think that makes a little more sense.... cuz face it. do I really n
  8. First off.. Your design sucked bad. Second off, The winning logo is very cool.The shirts are simple. The first ones they are selling. Brand recognition is key here. If they start to sell, and people are buying into the FCP era, then they will pump out new improved gear.I have a sick orange Hat with the Logo., Its pretty pimp.P.S., i'm getting smoothballs, gonna get some surgery done to have these babies smooth as eggs. Then i'm gonna hit the beach wearing some really high cut shorts, lookin for ball suckers.[/i]hahahhaha that thing is hilarious."My Son is BAD!.... I mean he is one bad ass mot
  9. OH! OH! OH!ummmmmmmPricing.Promotion.Place.Product?I think........I'm probably completely wrong aren't I?
  10. yes.easily.also, you mentioned how much he stood to loose.how much did he stand to win is the bigger question?
  11. Dude That chip protector is freakin awesome.I'm gonna buy one. no joke.just to piss off all the old people when I take a pot from them.they get pissed off so easy.
  12. Good Advice.and anybody who has will ferrell as his avatar seriosuly knows what he's talking about.no SW here either. I'm serious.
  13. he doesn't know that. and he never claimed to.in fact most poker sites do it this way. there are only a few that do the continuous shuffle on each street.
  14. what the hell is a tight bugget?and what the hell is reading? cuz, you know.... it's not like this question hasn't already been asked 38 times.
  15. several smash gimmick accounts have been banned. Teecup, Iowa'sfinest, aKaconditioner(thecondish), unlcebuck99, and I think Faisel has been banned, digitalmonkey has his home IP banned(but his work one is fine). That's all I can think of right now, I'm not sure if foxwoodspro and charliebrody just stopped posting or if they got banned. I wouldn't be surprised to see aspiringpro and PRoPoKerplayer1 be the next on the chopping block.YOu have to piss off jayson, admin, or daniel pretty badly to get banned(i'm not sure if travis has banning capabilities or not), cause lord knows that I have gotten
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