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  1. One day a jehovah's witness knocked my sisters door, and purely by coincidence (they work in hollywood) her boyfriend just happened to open the door dressed as the devil. She said it was quite a good time.edit: sorry, didn't realize how old this thread was.
  2. A solar-powered double-wide Bradley assault vehicle. If you simply MUST take a vacation in zombie-land, accept no substitutions.
  3. I know lots of them - and they all play with $1 big binds or less
  4. drink somethingrun assorted errands (bills etc. always cash, no mailing checks)eat somethingsocialize w/ casino staff while observing red-chip tablesplay $4-$8, if red-chip tables are loose put name on list immediately, if bunch of tight old men wait for 5pm or so.eat some moresleeprepeatwow, my life is pathetic.
  5. I get rain 200 something days a year here, yet we seem to be getting along fine w/o boats - though I suppose without them the price of seafood would go up.
  6. Rest assured, your girl scout did not go unappreciated.
  7. Moneymaker and his buddy with a European accent (don't know him) are staying at Treasure Island, every few nights they'll pop in for the $1-$3 game at around 2am, complain the whole time about it being $1-$3, play every hand, and raise their good hands to $45 pre-flop, I saw them twice, his buddy won huge both times (about 20 buy-ins in the 4 or 5 hours between the two sessions), CM seemed to be breaking about even.Much cooler guy than I thought he would be, very polite, and tells some good jokes, but he wears his stupid bracelet at the table, which is too big for him now since he seems to hav
  8. The guy behind me turned them in to the cashier, I saw him 2 days later and he tells me "You know they're not checking ID at the tables any more?" We both hung our heads thinking of what could have been. But thinking back on it, if I did grab them myself I probably would have waited 20 minutes then sold them to someone in the back of the line for half price and just played $25-$50 PLO with the profits.
  9. Not saying the kid cheated, but yes it can be done, and it's not even that hard - it was once customary for someone other than the dealer to cut the deck, not sure why that's not done anymore.I've actually done the ace of spades thing while dealing in a casino, It was really more to see if I could than to actually give him back his card. He ended up getting A3 calling a raise/reraise and losing to ak on an akk33 board though (the rest was an accident, I only cut the ace for him.) I think my heart nearly exploded and a few drops of pee came out, everyone said I looked like I was going to throw
  10. You can't at Harrah's eitherSomewhat related: I was one of the first 10 or so people in line to sign up for WSOP events at Rio the day before, and waited 45 minutes for the guy in front of me trying to sign up for EVERY SINGLE EVENT including, casino employee, women's, and senior's which he doesn't quallify for, and about 10 overlapping events - with a credit card. They explained every detail of why he couldn't several dozen times and finally a big-wig came down and told him 'there will be a slight fee', the man agreed and took his 40-something seat cards and walked away having just been sucke
  11. An experiment: hold a gigantic magnet over your head and another near your feet, now turn them upside-down - has the little part of the world around you been destroyed?
  12. $3 rebuy is high stakes for half the posters here
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