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  1. Hmm...Wonder if there is any collusion going on at that table? LMAO
  2. LOL....Yeah ONLY KK. The 2nd best starting hand in holdem...Only KK. LMAO, thats a good one.Ill try it out, 2 tables, on PP 100NL, let you know how I do, its similar to Fishchmans SNG strategy
  3. What!? No way! And as for him only being #207, that number will only rise, and rise fast.
  4. That could be the dumbest, most ignorant statement I've heard today.
  5. LOL. And I've come to a realization about quitting poker. The only people who quit are bad players. The one's who cannot win at any level whatsoever beacuse the TRUTH is that if you were consistently winning you would not quit, so that guy with 3,000 posts must suck. Right?
  6. I just have a quick question. If I were to purchase the Poker Tracker, how well does it work? AND, more importantly, does it come as a CD-ROM that can be installed on multiple computers or just one?
  7. LOL, Sounds like someone took a bad beat or some bad beats and ended up hating poker.
  8. I would have to agree. I am playing online poker everyday, some days I see 2000 hands a day, others I might see atleast 500, and it is true. The bad beats hurt more because in a day you can lose nearly 200BB online because you played 1,500 hands, but when the bad beats are over, they are over quick so you can have more time to pound out your good results. For example, I was 4 tabling 2-4 on Party last night and they raped me for $120. Then I rested and went back on this morning and got roasted again for $220. I then came back on again tonight, and won $360. The swings seem to hurt more b
  9. Well I used to wonder this same thing too, until I really thought about it. You see, to be a successful 10-20 or 15-30 player you would like to be making rougly 3BB an hour, but for a big game, say....4k-8k, you wouldn't need to make NEARLY as much, just a small edge, and every now and then the fishies will come and feed the sharks too. 3BB an hour would be 24K an hour, LOL!So if you were to make, lets say...1/4BB per hour in 4k-8k, that would be 2k an hour...LMAO, that would be like trying to make $1 an hour playing 2-4 ( I know the player qualities are far better in a higher limit game, b
  10. You obviously dont play enough poker, let alone interent poker, 100BB swing is fairly common in interent poker. Especialy when you're 2 or 3 tabling.
  11. Um...this story would probably be a little better, and more understanding, if you spoke english and/or weren't drunk, so like Samuel L says "ENGLISH MUTHAFCUCKA DO YOU SPEAK IT!?"
  12. Well, I didnt see or read the conversation with Bill Simmons but you're absolutely right. Part of your edge when playing with maniacs is playing far superior hands and having THEM dominated. I take it the maniac had KJ or AK, seeing how the maniac flopped top pair and counterfeited Simmons two pair by running Q's. This shows that he (Simmons) was in bad shape preflop and althought he did read him correct post flop, it was basically him giving away the little edge he had by playing a dominated hand like K10. He was asking for trouble and that is what he got. When a K10 loses to AK or KJ it
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