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  1. Jesus....the ignorance in here is nuts. You do realize that the "average Joe's" matter to us more than anyone. They have the money we want to take. Don't put them down. The more average Joe's the better in my book.
  2. You only say that because you didn't start playing poker until the "Moneymaker era". Am I right??
  3. Or gambling people being less tolerant of religion. This guy is an ***-clown.
  4. The anti-gaming legislation was proposed by Senator Bill Frist, a Republican, and attached to the Port Security Act . The Act was passed by the then Republican controlled Congress. The Democratic Party did not regain control of Congress until the 1st of January, 2007.Nice try though.
  5. In no particular order:Florida State Univ.Arizona State Univ.USCAnd I'll have to take your word on Villanova...never been there.
  6. How do posts like this take on a life of their own?
  7. He shut up real quick and made the proper fold. Sure his annoyance factor is through the roof, especially in the episode last night, but he instantly read he was beat, and folded. I can only imagine if it was Molina who had those kings. We'd probably still be hearing about it.
  8. Seriously guys, there is nothing funny about rape........unless you're raping a clown.Extremely poor taste, yes. Funny, yes.
  9. It was just at this little tourney out in Vegas. The 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event. You probably haven't heard of it.
  10. At least this one was creative.
  11. Virtually every aspect of our financial lives is affected by inflation. I don't see how a buy-in to a poker tournament should be any different. With a raised buy-in of 25K, you will still probably see fields in the 4000-5000 range, which is still huge. Payouts would not be as deep, but the money at the top of the pay scale would be just as significant.This would also be a partial solution to Harrah's being unable to provide a 100% trained staff for this year's WSOP.
  12. "So, how do you like my new boat?"This one can obviously only be used in certain situations. It is especially fun when your flopped set fills up on the river to crush a guys flopped nut flush. Just be sure to duck when the guy throws a beer bottle at your head.
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