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  1. yay! Let all others know the might of the Krablar...for they mock and forsake it's name!
  2. I have a theory that it'll only let you spin every 12 hours or so. Example: google search - spin, pricerunner search - spin, wait 12 hours...repeat. Hence why they guarantee 4 spins in a day.
  3. ditto. Completely missed it. Looks like it was probably an easy tourney though. Only 141 registered. Half probably didn't play.
  4. "what are you doing?...I said I had top top""oh oh don't worry...I'll show..I'll show" Gold says to one guy with another guy left to act behind himgod I hate that guy
  5. My money was refunded and I sent a cashout request yesterday @ 6p EST. Says 48 hours for it to be processed.Update: Withdrawl processed.
  6. anyone know what happened to Pokerbay? it's been down for a few days now
  7. hey Mikey. What was that hand you stayed alive with early on when you were all-in? 10-4 or 10-7? Either way you definately made an amazing comeback.
  8. Wow and here I thought I just had really bad luck. PartyPoker and Full Tilt are my worst sites also. PartyPoker is by far the worst ever. Glad to see that I'm not just being paranoid.
  9. Ok...first we see this...TilterLarry (Support): Unfortunately, as per the CEO of our company, we are no longer able to facilitate deals at this time.Then another guy from support magically appears and grants them a deal.JDN (Support): hey guyscredog: hey Jbmwmcoupe: can we chopcrownnginger: yescredog: help us out here manDealer: Phatigue wins the pot (155,000)bmwmcoupe: PleaseDealer: Hand #919594135bmwmcoupe: we all wanna chopcredog: ppl telling us what to do w our moneytJDN (Support): ok,JDN (Support): phat gets first?bmwmcoupe: can u put the table on breakcrownnginger: yes bmwmcoupe: yes pha
  10. Just came in to rail when you hit that AAGood luck!Nice payday whatever you take down
  11. I thank you folks for your support and your cookie. Indeed the non-locking of this thread is the will of the Krablar!
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