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  1. He's an ass. Don't let these people trick you!
  2. I know about a $100 survivor league if anyone is interested. It's ran by someone down in south Fla. Usually gets about 500+ entries. PM me if you're interested asap. A check needs to be mailed off to him if you want in before the season starts.
  3. Cosmo pool I believe is open to the public. If you want to have a fun time at a show and have a chance to actually win some prizes, The Price Is Right was really fun and entertaining. My gf and I got tickets at the place Kurt posted above and they were ~$40 each.
  4. Thanks all! Haven't really been around too much online in general since I haven't gotten the interwebz at the apartment I'm living at right now. How is it an outrage, lol?
  5. Yea, Venetian is very player friendly and will accommodate in any way they can. We had a levels go from 10k/20k/3k ante to 15k/30k/4k ante, and they granted us another level putting in a 12k/24k/3k level which was pretty sweet. When we were 5 handed, the guy that eventually finished 2nd was by far the weakest player left, and if we'd busted him, then I was definitely open to scaling out the pay jumps and making it a more flatter pay scale but obviously that never happened.Tyty Rose
  6. Got 3rd for 46-47k. Had 67% of the chips 3 handed and then KJss < A4 and then 66 < 77 which I prolly should just flat bvb or fold when I get 4b. Have a good chance at at least top 5 for Venetian player of the series. First last year got $22k
  7. 2nd final table in the Venetian $1.6k's. Trying to improve upon the 7th from a week and a half ago. $115k for first, I'm 2nd in chips. leggggooooo
  8. Venetian's ftw. Got 7th in the $1.6k for $14.8k. Pretty disappointing obviouslyyyyyy. Went to the 10 handed ft 2nd in chips and position on Carter Phillips who was playing hyper aggro, got AK < AA for a 1m pot @ 5k/10k-1k ante. Went into the 9 handed ft yesterday 6th in chips w/ 342k, card dead early which sucked w/ Carter raising like 90% pre. Got to 7 handed, i 3b jam 21 bigs over 99 w/ KQ. Runs out QJ3AK cccc, and I did not carry a club in my hand like the 99 contained. gfg. <3 Venetian's
  9. tyty. had ~5k at the first break. reallllly good table.
  10. Was going to play Day1A, was too lazy, preregged for Day1B
  11. ^^ Ran pretty hot on day 2. KJ > KK when I was short, then AJ > KK, chipped up to ~225k, then ATcc > JTo on a QTXccXx, hovered around 400-500k, then started winning flips, got to 1.8m and was CL with 3 tables left, then ran a 3 barrel w/ AQ on a JJ744 and got called and before he flipped his hand, told him 88 is good. [x] soul read. 88 < KK to gg. Venetian $560 today!
  12. If we're including the Venetian tourneys in this thread.. I got 15th in the first event.. sighhhhh
  14. My ftp acct is still open. vamo one time?!
  15. LOOOOOOOLLL. If you woulda played at the 2/4 LHE table and got carded, we would have definitely left. Chuckles and I didn't know where you went. Sighhh tho. I did win like 2 bi's tho!
  16. I didn't walk out of the casino either after we figured out a way to sneak you in. You could have played bingo too!!!
  17. That was in Potty up in Milwaukee you dumb fuck. We did play in Seminole Hardrock in Tampa where I did proceed to own you in a few pots, then got coolered by TT < 98 on a T76r flop for a $1k pot at the 1/2 100 max buyin game. hud tho.
  18. I'd like to beg to differ on the first bolded.Negs not leveling anyone, would beg to differ on the second.
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