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  1. http://pokersitescout.com/starfinder.aspthis should help. it gives not only the names, but what sites, and what tables they are playing at the moment, if any...
  2. I'm going 3rd week in June, I can't wait either. I'll only be out there a week, but it's going to be sick. I like your idea. After WSOP is done, someone should post a results thread, and we can see how the FCPers faired this year. The Bellagio is having some sick tournaments as well at the same time. Lot's of action...
  3. Post The Hands Here That Make You Immediately Go, wtf was I just thinking?Anytime I open farrell with krablar and get called...
  4. epassporte works on both sites and is a good intermediary, if you don't mind the fees. Unfortunately, the wait time for deposits on epassporte is like two old people fuc.king.
  5. and 100... so anti-climactic.
  6. i was too lazy to read this entire thread, but personally, I get real irritated with the beggars on full tilt. I usually just leave observer chat off at this point, but seriously, I've never seen anything as bad on any other poker website.
  7. I frequently raise 99 in this spot, not all the time, but often. 88,77,66, i mix it up raising and limping. 55 and below i usually just muck, unless it's real early in the MTT and I'm at a very passive table.
  8. you cashed didn't you? then life is good! it's bubbling out that sucks the big floppy donkey D**K
  9. never heard of it. Right up there with Pamela Anderson's site probably. It will probably last about as long too.
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