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  1. About two years ago, I began playing bar-poker. You know, the free, generally pretty donkish (myself included) just-for-fun stuff.I have a favorite tavern where I play pseudo-regularly. As there are no B&M poker rooms anywhere near here, it's either this or my periodic home games or the occassional trip to Vegas to get my live play fix in.In the early days, my nerves were ridiculous!! I would get a strong hand and my ears would go bright red, the veins in my neck pulse so hard that it could be seen across the table. These were horrible tells that I tried very hard to control. Fortunately,
  2. I really didn't give a rip about who won heads up between Phil and Gavin - I just want to applaud Marianela for openly wearing a sexy one-piece, thong thingamajig. She is hot - wish her voice wasn't so raspy tho.Cheers!!
  3. Please enlighten me. I guess I do not know her history.(and BTW, Shana gets cuter every day - wish the AC was turned up a little more - she was almost cutting glass)
  4. OK - i know it's just me but dang Clonie Gowen looks nice on PAD this week. In episode 3 they panned back and she is wearing a nice short skirt and showing a little cleavage. Just wish she could keep the hair one color.Zoiks!!
  5. Hope you know the photographer and have the one-time limited use of his copyright. I smell lawsuit.
  6. They are paying pizza "professional" WAY TOO MUCH - no wonder my Dominoes takes 70 minutes to arrive and costs an arm and a leg!!!!!
  7. . . . Shana Hiatt is an absolute BISCUIT!!!!!Sorry, Just got through viewing the first episode from this week. Fell in love with the new hairdo two weeks ago, thought last weeks gold pants were made for her body and tonight, the blue velvet top, yummy. HMMMMMM this sounds suspiciously like I am more impressed with her clothing . . . uh NO. How she fills it out uh YEAH!OK - go back to railing someone.Cheers!!
  8. Go out and buy the book "Marley and Me." When you think you can devote about 4 hours to it you will be glad you did. I have been companion to countless dogs in the last 50 years - it never gets easy to say goodbye. My mix breed, my Daschund and my Chihuahua - and myself - wish you the best in this trying time.
  9. Not trying to hijack the thread - and yes the Godfather ring tone was classic - but oh my God, Shana looks so hot with the straight hair. We need to get Morty, the producer, to get her some better wireless mike equipment - that contraption sticking out of the back of her dress really ruins it for me - what an absolute biscuit!!!And, oh yeah, Doyle's great, whatever.
  10. Sorry - as a long-time graphics person, this is hideous. Nothing memorable except that I would never look at it twice
  11. TID El Guapo's buddy. GL GL GL GL!!!!!!!
  12. Your screen name suits you.Thanks. I'll work on that. I spent about six hours trying to get past the line, "Daniel sat the table eating an orange," I just gave up. Also, it's tough to rhyme anything with Esfandiari and Harrington - not impossible mind you - just tough.I hope Shakespeare rises from the dead and ties a know in your iambic pentameter.
  13. ‘Twas the night before poker and all over townThe rooms were all rented – no suites could be foundThe lights at the Rio all glimmered and shoneIn hopes that a donkey soon would be pwned.The tables were laid with new decks on the feltAnd dealers all poised for the first hand to be dealt.The players all crammed into nightclubs and barsHoping tomorrow to be ESPN stars.Mama in her ball cap and me in sunglassesHad just gone online to play with the massesWhen out on the strip there arose such a clatterI sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.And there on the street in the neon’s bright glowS
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