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  1. Well .. i might have been wrong here ... fingers crossed Manitoba Post - The Manitoba Post has learned the new Winnipeg NHL team will not be called the "Winnipeg Jets" . As part of the deal with the NHL, True North must seek a "new name, brand and identity" . We have also learned that there is a condition for the new ownership group to sell 12,000 season tickets in each of the first 3 seasons , so get your credit cards ready Manitoba. We have learned that in all likelihood , this will be the Coyotes last season in Phoenix. The Manitoba Moose will be moving to either Phoenix or Saskatoon, those
  2. lofl this is a wed i think ? so hope im not busy this looks fun and foolish might be my only way at winning a tourny
  3. awsome good luck, dont forget to post trip report for those of us not cool enuff for the other place
  4. yes which they should tell him to lighten the fk up and give off a little info just for entertainment sake .. hes quite funny and witty if he would just be normal and chat a bit.also the helmuth bashing was hilariouse poor guy went too his hotel room and cryed i can garuntee it !!!!!!!
  5. watching now thnx for reminder forgot to tivo this
  6. how do the 7s hold there so ghayyy lkhlijlj no worries doin good still
  7. WELL .... start winning ! nice life .. glgl
  8. so much for my sunday ... woke up late forgot bout hockey and hungover ... maybe later i guess gl all
  9. i think im gonna play .. been low on confidance so i took a break but i think ill be back and bink me some thing nice ... either going to win the sm or 2nd chance and probly final table a cpl others gl all
  10. dont worry english is my first language and i still type like a 9 year old autistic bastard good luck
  11. oh hai .. win gledit also that table is super soft so if you dont win fail .....
  12. lol ray gun anolgies itt awsome :/im 100% sure i spelled anolgies wrong ...
  13. i was just about to make a thread to ask if anyone knows any nhl players twitters dont mean to derail but im sure youd like to add them anyways :)post away if you know any thnx
  14. when is the leauge going to get rid of the football shoulder pads and rediculous elbow pads...then hits like cookes wouldnt be so career ending .
  15. qft hes finally playing poker at the level he drinks
  16. plo sux and such awsome players as you shld stick to holdem
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