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  1. umm yeah - obv you didnt read my application - I clearly said it was :-)
  2. Sweet Thanks bro - which tournies - I'm going golfing this morning - so let me know . Check that website too - usually has some great stuff, hahahaha
  3. Wow me too - I think I was a wee bit intoxicated........
  4. hey, I'm available for any of the tournies. My pokerstars screenname is: adamg762000I play out of americaCurrently I'm broke and haven't played a tourney in a few months. The terms to your stake are more than reasonable and I can assure you I would not fawk around, if you were to stake me. My best cash so far is 53rd place for $48 in the pokerstars 11 rebuy tourney, . According to the officialpokerrankings, i'm up $75 on Stars. I've wasted alot of money on Coke, hookers,Bud Light and Sake Bombs. but I can assure you that I still know how to play the game and finish deep. http://www.newsfilter
  5. Level XXXIX (70000/140000) - 2010/03/15 0:37:55 ETTable '301010647 309' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: zbar78400 (2800692 in chips) Seat 3: blurred1 (3047620 in chips) Seat 4: metadonk (4176455 in chips) Seat 5: ptihopper (11997903 in chips) Seat 6: LaCashola (10045276 in chips) Seat 9: bukowski101 (2608054 in chips) zbar78400: posts the ante 23000blurred1: posts the ante 23000metadonk: posts the ante 23000ptihopper: posts the ante 23000LaCashola: posts the ante 23000bukowski101: posts the ante 23000ptihopper: posts small blind 70000LaCashola: posts big blind 140000*** HOLE CARDS ***bukows
  6. tourney 301010647 on stars - 18k for first ! SN - blurred1 - go Ben G!
  7. Play 8 tables - then you won't even have time to think about bluffing at 1/2c hehe
  8. I would have done what you did
  9. Cool hand - stupid pair on the flop , lol, I think I half pot it on that flop and be ready to fold to a raise, might get more information that way - even if a non club jack or a 10 comes your in a tough spot - after half potting the flop - it's time to decide whether i'm ready to lose my stack or not on the turn - Maybe an Ace or the Jc comes and makes it easy lol
  10. folding preflop would make this hand much easier for you - once you call - on the flop you remember why you don't take a shot with that hand there :-) and then say - arg why did I do that
  11. if you're betting that flop hard(which i'm not sure I am) - might as well keep the line and pot the turn when you get a little help - but pretty easy to be behind here I think
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