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  1. It just keeps getting worse. E Dog another final table, Clements another final table, Forrest a 2nd place finish, DN a bracelet.I run so good in events that don't count. Alright, I'll stop crying about the beat.
  2. I was glad to wake up this morning and see that Lindgren won the event. He's such a great guy, and very deserving. Singer also won a bracelet. Then I noticed that another one of my guys, Scott Clements, is at the final table of $1500 Omaha Hi/Lo event. Three final tables and two bracelets out of my camp in events that don't count? Sick, sick, sick...
  3. It's a little harder to rack up points in the $10k Mixed Event when a third of my horses are deep in other tournaments. Lindgren is currently the chip leader in the $5k Mixed Hold Em event, Singer is heads up for a bracelet in the $1500 Pot Limit Hold Em event, and Daniel is deep in the $1k w/ rebuys event. I do wish the best of luck to all of them (especially E Dog, he definitely deserves to win some jewelry), I just wish they were in events that counted.
  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one who chose Clements. Here's mine for what it's worth:Daniel NegreanuAllen CunninghamScott ClementsErick LindgrenPhil IveyKenny TranPhil HellmuthKirk MorrisonDavid SingerTed Forrest
  5. Of course he did. Hasn't anyone ever seen the documentary about it?
  6. Thanks for the info zmoney! I never even knew the place existed.Have you played the game before? All their website says is that it's dealer's choice, with no real info on the limit or what games are typically played. Any more info you have about this game would be awesome.
  7. Hey all:So after having no success trying to get a HORSE game started at my regular Casino (Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA), I called Tulalip after remembering that I had seen an interest list for HORSE the last time I was up there. The gentleman at the poker room told me that it's been about 6 months or so since the game has ran, but that they'd be more than happy to spread it whenever there was enough interest.I only know a few guys from down here that would have enough interest in the game to drive the almost 2 hours from Olympia to Tulalip, so I wanted to see if any of the guys on here
  8. Thanks for all the help guys. I'll be there tonight!
  9. Hello all:I am headed up to Vancouver as we speak, and I was wondering if there is anywhere to play in or near the city? I'm interested in anything up to $5/$10 NL and $10/$20 Limit. If there are places to play, where is the best?Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Anyone found the first two episodes online anywhere yet? I was out of town and didn't get to see them.
  11. So I'm playing the Daily Double on FT right now and just successfully cashed in both, which means I split 2% of the jackpot with all the other players who did the same (if I read that right.)My question is, does anyone have any experience in cashing the Daily Double? How long does it take to get the jackpot bonus deposited?
  12. I hardly think I was whining. I'll put this in capital letters so maybe you'll actually be able to narrow down the point I've been trying to make all along. WHEN YOU USE "GAY" TO DESCRIBE SOMETHING IN A NEGATIVE WAY, IT MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE YOU HAVE A VOCABULARY EQUAL TO THAT OF A PREPUBESCENT BOY. PEOPLE SHOULD MAKE THE ATTEMPT TO LEARN AND USE OTHER WORDS WHEN ATTEMPTING TO DESCRIBE SOMETHING SUCH AS THE HAND THE OP WAS DISCUSSING. This is the only point I was trying to make.How could he be using gay in a way that meant "queer" or "strange"? Is that a "strange" predicament to be in with JJ?
  13. Originally, I was merely pointing out that using the word "gay" as a synonym for "bad" is just childish. It's something that high school kids do. It's not something that's hard to recognize. I think any rational person would agree with me. You know what I find really funny? The fact that your defense now is to call me a noob, hahaha. Just recognize when you're being a jackass and try not to make it any worse. I never said I was offended by someone using the word "gay". I said that it just shows a lack of intelligence. And how does that in any way mean that I have no sense of humor? Because I d
  14. Ever have one of those friends who just can't quit putting thier foot in their mouth? Like after they are wrong and say something out of line, instead of just acknowledging what they've done and trying to fix the whole situation, they try to justify it with an explination that is usually very poorly approached and just pretty much compounds the stupidity of their first statement?If not, then here is your chance. Forum meet MK, MK meet forum.
  15. When I said that I like to put my opponent on an exact hand if we're going to see a flop, I think it read wrong in the context of this thread. What I literally meant was that I enjoy trying to put my opponent on an exact hand. Not necessarily for strategy reasons, its just a game I tend to play in my head. I've already put the Villain on a range of hands when he originally makes the raise.I'm also not saying I'm completely against shoving here. I'm saying that raising is the right play. Smooth calling here will likely result in one of these situations:1. The button shoves, followed by the SB e
  16. If we're going to a flop, I like to try and put my opponent on an exact hand. So if you smooth call, thus giving up control of the betting, and an over card flops, how does that help you any more?Plus by just smooth calling, you risk a call by the button, thus completely surrendering position and control.
  17. I actually do. I'm not going to act like I've never used the word or try and put off some "holier than thou" attitude, I've just made a conscious effort to not have those words as part of my vocabulary, and I think it strengthens my character. I wish more people would do the same, but in most cases people use words like "gay" or "retarded" in a negative tone without really thinking about the connotation. It's still no excuse really.
  18. I love how people still use "gay" as a synonym for all things bad. Like you can't come up with a different word. It kind of makes me laugh inside, because "gay" and "fag" are usually the top insults used by 16 year old kids who don't have an intelligence level high enough to figure out something else to use. Plus it just makes you sound like an insensitive prick.But on to your question, it really pains me how people always seem to look for strategy in playing JJ. JJ, like any pair, pretty much plays itself, especially if you're in position. You need to decide if you think your JJ is good. If y
  19. Last time I was in Vegas, I started playing in the $6/$12 mixed game at the Venetian around 6 PM. After that game broke, I decided to see how long I could stand to play NLH. I ended up putting in 31 hours total before leaving. I was stuck close to $800 at one point, but after all was said and done, I walked with $2300 profit.As I was leaving, I turned to the gentleman next to me and said "What time is it?" He said "It's 1 a.m.", to which I replied "Thanks, thanks...Ummmm...what day is it?".Might have been the strangest look anyone has ever given me.
  20. I'm not saying there can't be any other logic, it's just my opinion that the play was horrible.To bump this a little, through my (limited) internet research skills, I've been unable to find out if the Rami Boukai in this hand and Rami Boukai, the pro MMA fighter, are one in the same. I wish I had something to offer to the first person who finds out, but if anyone knows, please post...
  21. If this post is 100% true, then this is golden.Who would have though after all this time that the quickest way to get a girl in bed is a...book?
  22. That would be bad, but it was actually worse...Blinds are 3k/6kKhan is in the BBUTG +1 makes it 22k with KcJcHijack seat smooth calls with AAKhan makes it 74k from the BB with QQOriginal raiser foldsHijack asks "How much is it?" and then asks Khan "About how much do you have?"Hijack makes it 224kKhan moves in and proceeds to flop QQ8.The Hijack smooth calls the original raise, comes over the top on Khan's re-raise, and Khan moves in on him. How can he possibly have less than KK here?And the player with AA's real name is Rami Boukai, plays online as ArabiaNight. But there is an MMA fighter with
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