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  1. Could someone please clarify straddle rules. 1st scenario :Blinds are $1-2 utg straddles to 4, next player to 8, next player only has $12 and wants to keep straddle going (can he put in the $12 and it counts as a straddle?).Next player wants to keep the straddle going ,so can he straddle ? and what amount? $16? $24? or should it be $32 like it would of been if $12 stack had full amount? 2nd scenario : Blinds $1-2 utg straddles 4, next player 8 next player has only $8 or less (would this count as a blind call and no more straddling ?) or can next player continue straddle and if so, what
  2. ty, seems about right , was also thinking that 10's and Ak might be better hands to see flops cheap with in this kinda game. Thoughts?
  3. stacks start out anywhere from $40 to $100 early in game ,but with so much variance, later in the night there was about 1,500 to 2k chips on the table with 6 players left, so it gets deep pretty quick
  4. Ty, problem is they have no range lol , any 2 cards seems good to them, played last night for 8 hrs and couldnt believe the hands these guys showed up with. i''l give you an example. board was 8TJQx rainbow , player 1 bet $15 pot was about $100 by then , plyer 2 raises to $40 player 3 calls the 40 player 1 calls I thought player 2 has to have a straight , raise was too small to get any of these 2 guys to fold. player 1 had JT for 2 pair. player 3 had Top pair. and player 2 the raiser had QT for 2 pair and the best hand. pot was over $200 . Another pot player 1 raised to 15 after 2
  5. Hi Would like some imput/tips/strat for a 1/2nl home cash game. Played this game 3 times now here's basically what happens pre flop. Most pots are limped ,1 guy is really agro and raises anywhere from $7 to $15 from any position with any 2 cards and usually has a large/good stack. Lets say he opens for $7 to $10 pre, you can be sure that there will mostly 4-6 players in to see a flop. So normally I want to see alot of flops with small pocket pairs or suited connectors. I fold any junk aces unsuited connectors ect.. Here's the part i'd like imput/tips on . AK/ pocket 10's/JJ/QQ
  6. Played the class of 2003 freeroll, finished 4th for $770, nice work Bob in the 2001 freebie
  7. And where did you get the impression I was jealous? Never will and never have been jealous of anyone with material things, I'm talking about him being a jackass and many will agree with me , and btw, I own my own business so no need to be jealous. but keep licking ,now he can pay you well.
  8. And having 191k makes him a better person? keep licking
  9. lolz yourself , went balistic on some guy that beat him hu on this forum, called down pretty much everyone who didnt agree with him ,and I believe MSN,skype was invented before he chose to leave here. nope I stand my ground , he's a jackass.
  10. Is this the same rdog that left here a few years ago and went to private forum because most of us here didnt post the way he wanted ? and you cheer for him? stuck up jackass he was. hope he loses.
  11. Tournament #384481396, $5.00+$0.50 USD This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ should tell you the play will be bad,seeing someone,cry/berate over $5.50 makes you worst than the 6-9os call IMO
  12. Not playing tournys but, for those who are hope this guy's at your tables :)PokerStars Game #60608754447: Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball No Limit ($0.25/$0.50 USD) - 2011/04/10 9:03:58 AT [2011/04/10 8:03:58 ET]Table 'Aschera VII' 6-max Seat #3 is the button]Seat 1: yahaw ($21.35 in chips)Seat 2: dennder ($3.75 in chips) Seat 3: MeddyEdgar14 ($18.70 in chips) Seat 4: EL NEN 26 ($39.15 in chips) Seat 5: milenium1 ($20.10 in chips) Seat 6: micoloor ($9.25 in chips) EL NEN 26: posts small blind $0.25milenium1: posts big blind $0.50*** DEALING HANDS ***Dealt to yahaw [Kc 9d 5d Ac 6h]micoloor: calls $0.5
  13. anyone else here think Vic played this hand poor on the turn?PokerStars Game #41901959169: Hold'em No Limit ($100/$200 USD) - 2010/03/29 18:38:56 AT [2010/03/29 17:38:56 ET]Table 'Ulysses III' 6-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: good2cu ($118695 in chips) Seat 2: cts687 ($39900 in chips) Seat 3: Altrum Altus ($33500 in chips) Seat 4: Vick Is God ($27585 in chips) Seat 5: KidPoker ($57205 in chips) Seat 6: tjbentham ($37080 in chips) Altrum Altus: posts small blind $100Vick Is God: posts big blind $200*** HOLE CARDS ***KidPoker: raises $400 to $600tjbentham: folds good2cu: folds cts687: folds A
  14. Very sorry to hear about your loss Daniel, god bless your mom and your family.
  15. Ok i've decided to try and stake 1 player for now bbgun here on fcp.Deal is usuall 50/50 ect...ect...I've started out with 10/$3.25 SNG's ,I know bb's a solid player and that's what he prefered,he will post some hands ect and i'll update from time to time , i'm hoping this works out well and that I can up the limits soon for my horse.Also if this does work out well, I will stake another horse in the future and start at low limits ect. so GL to bbhe's in SNG #193635249 on stars right now if anyone wants to rail,bb can post tourny nums if he wants in here , up to him :)gllllllllllllllllll bb
  16. anyone wanna play for a while .50 or $1 a point?
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