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  1. still in for the tourney. and if theres a dinner, in for that too. just no golf
  2. http://www.zappos.com/product/7510955/color/187300these are ok to me, but not amazing..
  3. you're not mark...but i looked, and they seemed soso to me. im pretty picky tho
  5. mark, i need a pair of comfy every day casual shoes. i dont dress up very much. jeans/shorts mostly. help please :)edit: skate shoes are good by me, if those are acceptable...
  6. zomg i want a pool table! i might be in arizona in a couple weeks btw. hopefully see a few spring training games.
  7. ya, i had nothing to do with it. thanks!
  8. sigh @ anthonys voice double being horrible at life
  9. i foundly found someone that annoyed me enough to ignore them, congrats poto.
  10. figure i might as throw in my .02 about this.i dont see why people have such an issue with a respected/good player advertising on here looking for students. so what if hes charging money for this? someone as experienced and expert at NLHE mtts should be getting paid for their knowledge. its to be expected as far as im concerned. Mike is an excellent poker thinker, and if he puts the time into it, he will be a very good coach. im sure he wont charge an obscene amount, at least at first, because he is inexperienced with coaching, and will have to learn some about that. but he is someone that if
  11. first online session in close to 3 weeks!kinda fun actually. weird winning $1/hand and being annoyed with the results tho. midstakes is a lot more exciting.
  12. and whats your excuse on the 88 hand? lol, gg. sucks to run shitty.
  13. lol @ wanting a degen to wait till 4bi
  14. PMing is difficult IMO. just lmk on here if you get deep lol.sent, glgl
  15. stars names? the $125k on stars is at 3pm EST tomorrow, its a $55.
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