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  1. PS and FTP have both gotten back to me and said they do not support any mobile devices
  2. I have a lot of downtime at work, and as much fun as zynga poker is... i'd rather build my bankroll instead of wasting time on free money stuff just because i'm BORED!
  3. Maybe, though it's my understanding that phil ivey (at least) was playing on his phone, not tethered to his laptop. If it's possible to play on your phone i'd be very interested in it. an air card does me no good since i cant use that at work
  4. I know it's possible to play poker on your phone as there are plenty of stories of pro's doing it. What phones can do it and what sites are set up to allow mobile access?
  5. notice i had said a table FULL of nontippers. it's not like if i get stiffed on one hand i do that. it's ussually a progressive thing. i've been at a table full of some of the best tippers in the casino and gotten a stiff here and there. it happens, people get distracted. when i'm busting my hump for a bunch of cheap people and NO ONE throws me anything, then i'm less likely to be willing to go the extra mile for them.In other countries casino's it might not be acceptable to tip the dealers, i can understand that, but it was also pointed out that the dealers are paid quite a bit more than 6.15
  6. Really? i ussually deal MUCH slower if i have a table full of nontippers. why should I work harder for less money? i'm very much of the idea that you get what you pay for. as for what you should tip, think of it this way, a server (waiter/ress) brings you food and you tip them 5-15% for thier service. Yes, they run thier tails off to make sure everything is perfect for your meal. At the end of the day though you are tipping them for food you are PAYING for. ME as a poker dealer is making you money by keeping the game going, and though it's "luck", giving you the winning hand.Every time i read
  7. to equal the score just join thier relgion :Dand at least in MN 16 is legal to anyone with either 24 or 36 months of them... i was once accused of sex with a minor when i was 18 (though she had a fake id saying she was 18) turns out she was 16, then went whining to mom and dad so i took the time to look up the law to save myself
  8. yeah i play... well used to LOLi'm a lvl 1 judge if i ever bothered to go to tournies
  9. sweet! i need someone to punch!so... do you include dental? and are you union or non union?
  10. not only are there schools, but you have to audition for you job LOL
  11. Oh and everyone stop saying wait for the 100 +9s. Seriously you aren't getting my point. I dont look at making $100 and saying yes i made $100! If i was playing $100 tourneys I'd look at it like a buy in. If I played a 2 cent tourney and made $30, I would get excited. But I played a $30 tourney and received 1 buy in profit. If I was playing 100s I would look at a $100 profit the same way.so there was a point then? good to note
  12. if you know that it should be in the bad beat forum and still don't post there... then you are worse than the donkeys you whine about! they don't know any better, that makes them ignorant! you know better and still don't do it. that makes you STUPID! just my opinion of coarse, i oould be wrong. i'm not but i could be.
  13. yeah in MN it's 18. most of the casinos here (not sure about cantibury) run a class to be a dealer. they teach you BJ and maybe some carnival poker games. after that if they have a poker room you can take a class to deal poker.
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