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  1. I would wait for a better situation. Hilm is obviously a much better player and capable of getting Yang to put his chips in as a big dog. Absolutely no point gambling with the guy.
  2. I've tried to bluff donkeys on A high boards before, it doesn't work! lol
  3. Yang made it 2.5million from the cutoff with blinds 100,000, 200,000. lolSo maybe he didn't have KK or AA in the other hand.. They need to just let this guy blowup. Showing him a hand would be my strategy.
  4. I was thinking if Lee had KK or AA the preflop call and weak lead is golden to get Yang to raise on the flop, but he had QQ, not KK or AA.He obviously has to call preflop and i think leading like that against a weaker player is almost always gonna induce a raise. However, i do think Yang had Lee.
  5. After multi-tabling online for so long i don't think i could EVER play at this pace without tilting.
  6. hahahahahaha the dude that lost the pot is freaking out.
  7. Same thing just happened to me and i also emailed FTP support. Good to know its not a isolated incident. Maybe FTP decided to stop servicing US customers and forgot to give us a heads up...lol.
  8. Dags used to own the 25-50 and 50-100 NLH tables on FullTilt. Couple months back his wife or girlfriend had a kid and he seemed to cut back in time played and limits. Since then i haven't seen him playing much NLH, but he occasionally plays Omaha HI/LO.
  9. Anyone know approximately how much Daniel has coming to him in side bets if he wins this bracelet?
  10. What you guys think Durr had in the last monster pot they played?Patrick turned the set of 888s.
  11. Tells are definitely not overrated. If you can peg a someones you can just hammer them. For instance, i played in a live game at school and one of the kids was a decent player but he had a HUGE tell. Whenever he had a hand he would put chips in the pot by staking them off, when he didnt, he would either throw or slide them out. Now i knew how the kid played so that helped, but finding little things like this made it that much easier putting him on a hand.Another example, my roommate who played pretty loose would always pick his cards back up and look at them if you raised him and he had nothin
  12. Is poker tracker only compatible with PCs? I have a Mac and am looking for something comparable. Thanks
  13. I heard Howard Lederer was picked up by the FBI!
  14. I usually do something like this.. take a couple sick beats at .25 .50 NL tables, dust off around 2-3 buyins, go on tilt, and find myself playing 1/2 or 2/4 with a significant amount of my BR at risk. Not a good idea, but playing above your bankroll definitely makes you concentrate.
  15. From your description of the Villan it doesn't seem like he would check raise here with anything less than 77, 66, 67, or 7 8-A. If the guy is winning and has built his stack up i doubt he shoves with a striaght draw or flush draw just because its pretty obvious you have an overpair and he is probably a dog... knowing that you are going to make a crying call. Being that i am commenting on this hand from the rail/couch, i would fold. However, if i was in your position at the table i probably would have made the bad call.I could see someone shoving there with a striaght draw or flush draw if it
  16. Traheho is back on FullTilt. After getting beat up pretty bad last night i bet he is still steaming.
  17. If Magicpitch is really David Benyamine i would be surprised. From what i have seen out of Magic, at least playing NL holdem, is that he will get his money in real weak. For instance, the other day he was playing 6 handed a lost a 70k pot to action Jeff with KJ on a jack high board. That is pretty bad IMO. I definitely would not make a habit out of trying to bluff Magic, you dont have to, he will pay you off.... and im not even that good at poker and observed this. lol
  18. Hoosier,I know you play online for a living so i figured you could answer this question. If i have money on Full Tilt and planned on getting money out by asking for checks every couple weeks... will this still work or does Full Tilt also use this Chexx company? If not Chexx, does anyone know who FullTilt uses? Also, i thought checks were exempt from the legislation concerning poker that was passed with the Port bill. For instance, banks could cash checks that were from online poker/pay pal type companies because it would be way too difficult to monitor where checks were coming from. Maybe i a
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