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  1. only a lil pu ssy tells on other people thats all there is to it. you sir are a little p ussy
  2. wow u are SUCH a pansy. youre actually gonna run and tell on me? i guess nothings changed since middle school huh?just a little...tip..if you dont wanna get called a mofukin gook then dont make fun of other peoples nationality. common fkin sense really.to all the gooks on here: i <3 u guys, dont think got anything against asians just cause i use that word. in fact, the only time i would ever use that word is if i had to piss some asian dude off(and right now). For some reason, that gets to em. Hanguk could just call me a cracker and call it even but hes gonna pm half the mods here cause hes
  3. so funny- all i do is say something against your religion and all u dumb sheep start hating. not 1 "dude, whatever u dont believe in god thats fine hopefully one day u will" response. all 100% die rot in hell responses. so funny. did the bible teach u guys to act like that. u people suck as christians
  4. the only thing u can beat up is your wienerand dont call me a commie u fkin gook
  5. fcp is not going to jack you. neither will pokerroom or hollywood poker. im pretty sure holdempoker and europoker are fine as well. beyond that, i wouldnt venture
  6. god would have known that he would since he knows all, so why would he bother with it in the first place...do you think this stuff through at all? if you use the cranium containing ur brain you will eventually arrive at how I can claim to be a non-believer and a non-atheist at the same time.no im not agnostic, try again
  7. yes because if the special old guy doesnt dip u in magic water then the superman in the sky wont let u into his happy land after u die.
  8. im not part of your retarded community stop assuming things fool
  9. if you make a choice to believe in god despite 134785684 obvious reasons and truths to the contrary, despite the fact that u are indulging in blind faith, despite the fact that its irrational thinking - then yes ill call u stupid for that, because you are.
  10. pray all u want it wont do shytexcept make u look dumb
  11. nikki calls me a creep and an ***** but IM the one who should be banned because i made some sense and offered a different point of view. whatever u say guys
  12. thats the thing, im well aware that a lot of well educated, intelligent people believe in god. people with high iqs etc. what should be obvious is that is not the highest level of intelligence achievable. some people are born smarter than others, u cant help it. some guy has like a 210 iq what did he earn it? did he do something that i didnt? its just his genes. the real intelligence lies in how far your mind can go to be aware of your surroundings. some people cant be aware enough to see that theres no god, no matter how high their iq goes.
  13. im not trying to aggravate any1 i have better things to doi gave a terrific argument against christianity, so far no1 has argued successfully against it (not that they could)also religion forums star crusader lois has done nothing but humiliate himself, not that its very hard for him to do so...
  14. i dunno i couldnt stand looking at the one armed guy after a couple of hours
  15. i havent done shyt except make sense and avoid getting too personal first
  16. known takers of this deal:loismustdiecuin4yrsdanour dumbass president347586970485 other morons
  17. i just wanna spank that bitc.hes as.s so hard trout, im sure u can relate
  18. is it necessary that he contribute? is these a rule about it? can the man make fun of a micro limit player if he wants to? go back to north korea.
  19. really? cause i thought i made a lot of sense there
  20. hardkorbeatz

    Bad Deal

    this is god's deal to the human race:1. do what i say or you will go to hell. however, what i say to do will never be clear because i will never say anything myself. There will be a bible that may or may not be my words, you will never know for sure.2. believe in me or you will go to hell. However, whether i exist or not will never be clear because i will never show myself or give you any proof that i exist. you will never know for sure.he then gives you a rational mind and expects you to take this deal?and hes going to send you to hell for eternity if you reject it?nigga please
  21. dont bother replying i dont listen to anything some1 would say if theyre dumb enough to be religious
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