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  1. What is the definition of a Pro Poker Player?someone who sole(majority) income is from playing poker for a living....right?Do players that made it that dont have to play another hand of poker to live and live like a king still consider themselves as Pro poker players?DN, Dolye, Lederer, Hellmuth, and all other Pros that make money in books, console games, internet site endorsements, dont need to play anymore and will have millions from other businesses...are they still a pro for playing tourneys and side games?I see Rene Angelil playing in any and all tourneys..i know he doesnt need the money
  2. so ivey has 100k but that he is gonna use to play baccarat....If i could live any poker players life...it would be Ivey for sure..DNs life would be nice too...but Ivey just trumps him..I dont even think he cares if he goes broke because he would make it all back in 1 year or less....to be young and rich and talented..what a dream life...Whos poker players life would you like more Ivey or DN or any other player?
  3. Annie Duke Straddled her BROTHER after winning a touney.....anyway...poker is a skill game, poker is a skilled game, poker is a skilled game....then at the end PPA dude saids..."People want to gamble..people want to play poker"poker might be 75% luck..25% skill...maybe 80/20
  4. i think the players at the tables got it and didnt care enough to comment
  5. so from your reasons..cocain should be legal and if I dont use cocain then i should not care and if i cant enough of it i should have more self control...
  6. Do you think internet gambling is wrong..blackjack, roulette, slots and other casino games? Who has ever won playing casino games online? Internet poker rooms now adays not only have poker but most if not all have casino games. 2 states in the united states have no type of gambling..utah and hawaii..what would it mean for those states if internet gambling is allowed? If you really wanted to play..isnt there a casino within a hour or 2 away? Kids that are not of legal age are getting addicted. B and M casinos have guards to prevent minors from entering. I like playing poker and if t
  7. guy looks at another dude and saids "KISS ME"other guy looks confused "WTF"Dude replies.."I like to kiss when im being fukced"
  8. STEVE FREAKING Z......now thats a porn i dont want to see....and he did a few...
  9. if anyone wants to guess the person who wrote my original post.....it may suprise most and to those who read it like me....i was like WTF..him in porn?
  10. "So, I used my acting talents to do a few porn films"
  11. you just improved my point..you hit your long irons same as you short...great..and you are a scratch player...like i said MOST players who play above 15 handi..cant hit long irons...so the difference fron a 4 iron to a 7 iron is huge...if DN could hit his 7 iron instead of his 4 iron then his score would go down alot
  12. distance is relative if you are a PRO and can hit each iron about equal but for regular players that play bogey golf....long irons are VERY hard to hit...and hitting it with a 4 iron to a 7 iron is a BIG difference...yes within 60 yards is very important but if you have a good iron game you wouldnt be chipping within 60 yards as much..you would be putting...
  13. Its not we are all much bigger then DN or swing harder or faster. What is his problem? He can cut 8 strokes easy by hitting it 20 yards longer with his irons. Why does he play for money when he loses all the time? Get better then play for money.
  14. I think the problem with DN with his golf game is his length. I play some golf and consider myself a bogey golfer. DNs driver seems fine 230-250...but i think his irons are short. I personally hit it alittle longer then most but i hit my pitching wedge about 120-135, 9 iron 135-145, 8 iron 145-155, 7 iron 155-170, 6 iron 170-180. 5 iron 180-190, 4 iron 190 to 200, 3 iron(which i dont use that often) 200-215 and then i use my 4 wood to about 230-250if DN is hitting a 4 iron from 160 thats huge...alot of other golfers would use a 8 iron....I think DN needs to keep the ball back alittle in his
  15. dealers cut chips different by the game you play.. POKER- they cut chips with the thumb BLACKJACK- they cut chips with the index finger(pointing finger)it just takes practice...take a stack(20 chips) and just cut and stack, cut and stack..over and over again..
  16. how is this funny enough to put a "LOL"daniel being the camera hoe that he is enters this event after he said he would go to the seven card stud event eventhough the hold'em event was televised.....anyway..take it down
  17. is bitlord search out of whack?did they close down bittorrent search?2torrents?
  18. did anyone else read this....wtf? jail for what?just relax...they are TEENAGERS...thats what they do...and its your brother not a stranger...
  19. a SPORT is not always a physical activity...mental battle is just as tough
  20. only reason i bring it up is that....i think they show more poker shows on ESPN then any other sport.....
  21. with the ESPY awards just around the corner...i dont know if they have it this year but they should have the best poker player award....they show enough of it on espn..the voting starts soon i think..maybe june
  22. you telling me you never heard of"what it happen was....." jokes?
  23. what it happen was...i went to a 7-11 and they had muslim rap for music..or was it iraq rap...middle eastern for sure
  24. so you think im black because im uneducated, dont go to school and im a chimp...
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