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  1. Little Matt, if you ever read this, you're a true inspiration to me.
  2. So is being a giant frilly pillow.
  3. You're a f*cking assh*le. People on this forum are continually trolling to try to get in a flame war rather than having actual discussion. I've tried to add something to most of the threads I've posted in but people like you just make it impossible for anyone that's NOT an immature teenager taking out their anger online to actually discuss something. This'll be my last post so as to avoid morons like you. F*cking douchebag.
  4. I really appreciate TSN making the jump to bring the World Series to Canadian TV. I already watched the vast majority of the episodes via downloading on BitLord, but I delete them after watching them so it's good to re-watch some of them. Just finished watching TJ Cloutier's PL $5,000 win on TSN. Anyone know any other Canadian stations that play poker other than The Score (EPT and UPC), Sportsnet (Poker Superstars 2 and CPT), CityTV (WPT) and TSN (World Series)? Without ordering ESPN/The Travel Channel/GSN/FSN, the poker on TV here is essentially limited to those 4 channels above.
  5. Actually, the religious fundamentalist terrorism you talk about is completely contradictary to what I was talking about - the reason for religious conflicts is due to both believing that they are the only correct ones. Muslim terrorists kill others because they believe the way they live is morally incorrect. I have clearly stated that I am completely opposed to this. Perhaps you should take some rudimentary English classes in reading comprehension?
  6. The only game that's played in a casino that can be played WITHOUT gambling is blackjack if it is beaten like the MIT team did.
  7. tiffany williamson is the worst poker player that has ever played in a major and yet she gets like 14th or 13th int he biggest tournament ever
  8. Agnostic would be the closest thing, but I do not believe it's impossible to know whether or not there's a God out there, which's the definition of an agnostic, I just believe that it's up to each person to decide how their life, their universe is made up; I believe in everyone finding their own answer. Also, I believe everyone should accept anyone else's answer and not believe that their answer is the one true way of thinking.
  9. I completely agree with you in this respect, Yorke. What I'm saying, though, is that it's ridiculous for someone to claim that it is the one answer to life and that nobody should believe in a religion. In my opinion, believing in The Big Bang requires just as much faith in the unexplained as it takes to believe in God.
  10. Yes... a MSc in Physics clearly shows little understanding of both. It's through fully understanding them that I saw through them. Read the first thing I wrote in the post... :roll: I don't believe in any specific set of beliefs.
  11. I read his blog about dressing up as Scotty Nguyen for Halloween, but I never saw the pictures. Anyone have a link?
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