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  1. I haven't read all of the posts, but I do have a question that I would like to find the answer to....some have seemed to imply that murder is wrong in an atheistic universe simply because it would take away the happiness of others, etc. In other words, an immoral thing is something that detracts from the greatness happiness of the greatest number of people, and since murder does this, murder should be considered immoral, as well as any other thing that someone does that takes away the happiness of other people.My question is this: WHY should anyone follow such standards? Why should I not do th
  2. ricker,would you say that Christianity is true then?
  3. crowTrobot,You said: Everything you just said is pure nonsense then. There is no point in me even responding to it, because you must be skeptical of everything you have just said to me, otherwise, you are inconsistent. In fact, you must be skeptical of the supposed fact that you are skeptical of everything. Skepticism is self-refuting and self-contradictory. Until you can show me how being skeptical about all things is not self-contradictory, then everything you say or have said or will say is simply nonsense. There is no point in even debating, because you are obviously skeptical of every c
  4. crowTrobot,You might have to refresh this convo, but I figured I would reply even if it took me 6 days. On what basis do you know that the "possibility of the christian god being real so low that for practical purposes it is the equivalent of zero"? Atheists make claims like this, but I see no way, given that you admit that the Christian God may possibily exist, how you can say that this possibility is next to nothing. If the Christian God does in fact exist, you are simply ignoring and supressing the truth about God in your conscience and around you so that you will NOT admit that He exists
  5. Are you sure that are you almost 100% sure that He doesn't exist then?You are right that logic and evidence is what is needed to make an assertion; without logic and rationality, there is no intelligibility. Do you think that the laws of logic are universal and immaterial? Could you prove the statement: "The reason it has these numbers is not because of evidence supporting it, but because it's an ancient idea which plays off human's desire to be secure and uncover the unknown (ie, gives them hope for the afterlife)."You said nothing in life is certain. Is that statement itself certain? How do
  6. I did not argue Pascal' Wager, as if it is better for you to just believe in God since He may exist. I did, however, ask how it is you know know anything at all for sure since you don't even know the answer to the question, "Does God exist?" Non-Christians criticize Christians for not "proving" that He does exist, while all the while they cannot prove that He doesn't. The problem is for unbelievers is that if they cannot prove for certain that He does not exist, then everything they do in life may be wrong and in opposition to God. Hence, you cannot do one thing without having to wonder if you
  7. If you cannot prove that God does NOT exist, then it is impossible, as a non-Christian, to be sure of anything. You cannot be sure that ANY decision you are making is right, because it may be that you are living your life in opposition to your Creator. If you consistently reject the God of the Bible while not being able to prove that He does not exist, then it is possible, even within your worldview, that you may die and go to hell. It is possible that you don't know all the facts. It is possible that God does exist and that you are accountable to Him. Hence, how can you be sure that anything
  8. Can the non-existence of God be proven? Can you who do not believe in God prove that He does not exist?Just a question...
  9. This may have already been answered, but for those arguing for free will, what exactly is free will? What is the definition of the sovereignty of God?If everything is based on chance, then I am not sure how anything at all can be known? If everything going on is by chance, then what you are thinking is the result of chemical reactions in your brain, so that it is by "chance" that you are thinking what you are thinking. There is no basis for knowledge. How can there be any causal relationship between any events at all if everything is random and by chance?
  10. What is the point in even debating then? Your statement is self-refuting. You cannot be sure that nobody can be 100% sure of anything either. It is inherently self-contradictory. However, if nobody can't know anything for sure, I do not see why you are here debating about anything, especially the existence of morals or God. If you cannot be sure of anything, how do you know God doesn't exist? If it is a possibility that God exists, then how do that any decision you make is the correct decision, since it may be the case for you that God DOES exist, and you are going to hell if you continue to r
  11. Jerry,brvheart posted the exact verses that I was going to post, especially since you are trying to understand the Christian worldview. God is infinitely just and righteous. For God to remain righteous and just, He must love and seek to glorify that which is infinitely valuable, namely, Himself. If God did not seek to glorify Himself, He would not be God, for it is right to glorify and magnify that which is infinitely valuable. Therefore, He created a world in which He would ultimately get the most glory and exaltation. If He created a world without sin, many parts of God's nature would be nev
  12. To be honest, I have not read all of these posts, but I have read alot of them. Monty,Do you believe that those who have never heard the Gospel, but are sincerely seeking God will be saved? What are the conditions for someone never hearing the Gospel to be saved? What if someone DOES hear the Gospel, but blatantly rejects it; will they be saved?Just some questions...
  13. Silent Snow,example- we always know that in a right triangle a^2 + b^2 = c^2, but we have to scientifically measure the triangle to see if it really is 90 degrees and the logic applies. this doesnt mean that logic isnt universal; its just not always useful in a particular situation. i mean that not every logical statement is immediately obvious. mathematicians spend countless hours discovering more obscure logical truths.I see and I agree.there is only one law of morality and it is unchanging- take into account every entity that is affected by a decision and weight them accurately(a more commo
  14. Copernicus,presuppostions are formed based on experience. At some point one has had no prior experience to form those opinions. Eg. when I began my religious education at around age 4 or 5 I had no basis to prejudge..I came to it with an open mind/blank slate, however you would like to characterize it.If you started with a blank slate, it would be impossible. Without knowledge that comes apart from experience, observation itself can make no sense or communicate that information. One man said (paraphrase), "If your mind is a blank slate, you don't even have mental categories such as, time, spac
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