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  1. how soon is any time soon? fundamentalist religous belief of all kinds will be thoroughly marginalized within the next several generations in the USA. age demographics clearly indicate this is coming. it's just that a lot of old people and balloon sellers have to die first.
  2. here mr puma, smell the lamb anus on my fingers
  3. http://www.hulu.com/watch/151508/jimmy-kim...sary-censorship
  4. did jacob fix the lottery hugo won with the numbers?
  5. christian implied the losties created the specifics of the purgetory for themselves subconsciously somehow.they were saying our subconsciouses are god or something
  6. so the producer are nothing but filthy con men. i agree. that's a stretch. there's no reason to think richard would do any such thing without orders from jacob.i suspect there's also another self-contradictory looping time travel paradox involved in this.
  7. the show distinctly emphasized jacob touching (effectively choosing) jack, locke, hurley etc. as adults in the same fashion as he touched kate and sawyer as kids. can't really get away with saying he touched hurley as a kid without calling the producers dishonest bastards. but i already did that i guess
  8. yeah it was when he fell (in the incident) locke as a boy failed the test richard gave him. why would they be testing him if he were already a candidate?
  9. he only molested kate and sawyer as kids. the implication was he hadn't touched hurley, jack, locke, or sun/jun until they were adults.
  10. i can think of lots of ways. as long as they are going all metaphysical with their answers they can do anything they want. but it has to make some sense. there shouldn't be things that are contradictory, like the sunk island in the afterlife or whatever. i'm looking for continuity.in fact i would have just ended the show with jack becoming a smoke monster. but they had to go for tear-jerker quotient over substance.
  11. his body died apparently. his mind or soul or whatever became or was integrated into a/the smoke monster. as with everything no sense was made of any of that.
  12. after smokey came out of the cave jacob found MiBs physical body outside the cave in what looked like the exact spot where jack ended up. very confusing, but yeah maybe the island's protecter gets immunity to the smoke-monster-maker easy bake oven thing, even though it still kills him
  13. maybe they borrowed the manatees from family guy.
  14. next: why didn't jack turn into a smoke monster?
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