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  1. Interestingly enough, smash, your 'passive collusion' idea is actually the correct and most profitable way to collude, and is almost impossible to spot. Only way to tell is over a period of several hours if you see two players never entering pots together. If two morons want to raise and reraise me all nite long, id love to take their money. Its a terrible strategy. They are just putting extra money into the pot, via the guy with the crap hand. They are artificially creating odds for you to chase all kinds of draws, and you can let them build pots for you when you have a monster. What they sho
  2. OK buddy, put up or shut up. Here is proof that a) you did not play 25-50 on UB and B) You lied about playing 25-50 on UB. http://www.recpoker.com/article.php?group_...search_id=48107Dont bother replying unless your reply contains a UB screenname which is active in this game. I dont care to read anymore of your rants. I just dont want to sit here and watch this stupid lie unfold again, so i am getting it over with right now. YOU ARE A LIAR. PROVE ME WRONG.
  3. i hope so too but the fact is that it wont happen. not because the sites are dumb, but because charlie brody does not have fifty thousand dollars. He did not play the UB 25-50 NL or any of the other big games he claimed to play. He refused to post his screenname on RGP, surprise surprise. Want proof? heres some proof. http://www.recpoker.com/article.php?group_...search_id=48107
  4. You just dont get it do you? HES NOT GRINDING IT OUT. HES A MID LIMIT PLAYER. HES DOING AN EXPERIMENT TO SEE IF HE CAN GET TO 1000 FROM 50. This is really not complicated. I dont see how you cant understand this. And dont ever presume to purport that you are honest, as you have been revealed to be a boldfaced liar on these 'stupid forum thingies' before. Do you even know what a hedge fund is? Clearly you dont know poker strategy. I have asked you to explain yourself in numerous threads where you posted immature, and erroneous responses to legitimate poker questions. You have chosen not to resp
  5. there are many reasons i play online despite relatively easy access to live games. - comfort and convenience. I can sit at home listen to music check my email etc all while playing. plus theres no waiting for a seat, a multitude of games and stakes available, and tournaments at almost every buyin amount running constantly. - ease of game. The online games are generally populated by absolute morons at almost every level, and i have found are easier to beat than live games for many limits. - time constraints. i dont like to play live without 6-8 hrs to devote to it. i have to travel to get to th
  6. I agree, the biggest mistake was the preflop coldcall. this sets up problems for the rest of the hand. While an all in push is an arguable play, it is clearly a better one than a call. I think its too much of an overbet, but thats a whole other discussion. Many players dont like reraising AK out of position, but this is a unique circumstance. Were shorthanded, with a weak and then a strong raise. In my humble opinion, you absolutely must find out where you are at. Calling tells you nothing. You then have to hope you hit. Personally, i would have made a raise to 400 preflop and then pushed on t
  7. no need to apologize, i respect your opinion. However, i disagree with it on several levels. Firstly, your comment about the preflop bet stems from the OP buying in with an extremely shortstack, which is another issue altogether. Scared money is dead money, though, and youve got to push your hands. You want to define the reraisers hand and hope to eliminate the UTG raiser. If the reraiser comes back at you preflop, you can consider laying it down then, but this will be an easier laydown than on that flop. The flop advice is taking into account the preflop call. If you had bet there, you need t
  8. Sorry, Charlie, not all of us can be like you and play the big 25-50 NL on UB... as for your comments, i didnt address in my post the problems with buying into a large NL game with 40bb, but it is obviously misguided. I didnt feel like getting into bankroll management, stake levels etc. as the OP only asked for critique of the hand. but, with that said, he can easily raise to 400 and take control of the hand with 600 left. Clearly there would be more betting. Learn how to count. He mentions nothing about stack sizes, reads, etc. but assuming he is a pro (and judging by his post that is a big a
  9. longest session: 36 hrs net profit: 300$ (30bb @ 5-10)Just annoying when you dont drag a pot for the first 6 hours of the session, so when you get even you feel like its a waste of time. And i dont really settle into a session for the first couple hours. I find after a few hours i get into a groove, and can play almost indefinitely. 2 coffees and a joint every hour are essential to maintain the groove. 12+ sessions are the norm for me, you gotta keep playing when conditions are favourable.
  10. I dont mean to be rude, so take my comments as constructive criticism and keep in mind im a mid limit player whos just starting to work out the kinks in my NL game. But this hand was played terribly quite frankly. Im assuming you know this though, or you wouldnt be posting about it. All those who are saying you played it well because you dragged the pot are thinking in a results oriented manner which is not correct for evaluating poker. Here are my thoughts:Preflop:shorthanded table, opener could mean anything given information, reraise likely a big ace or medium pocket pair. You need to be ag
  11. Eddie admitted to the lie after it was clearly revealed to be untrue by observant responses. Similarily, Brody's lie was exposed when skeptical RGPers began monitoring his UB account and saw that he was not playing 25-50NL, nor was he playing any games with stakes that would suggest he had a roll for something of this nature. The point i was making in the comparision was mostly a reminder to those who would lie in a forum like this in order to make themselves seem superior: There are many people with nothing better to do than look for these lies, and expose them. You will be exposed. Something
  12. to my mind, if someone can force you to lay down AA preflop in any game, YOU have just been outplayed. That, or you are playing way above your bankroll. according to TJ cloutier, "Aces are the only hand you MUST play."
  13. Id like to point out something about Charlie Brody. This is a guy, a while back, started posting on RGP (rec.gambling.poker) about how he played the $25-$50 NL game on UB. This, of course, was promptly revealed to be a lie. Charlie Brody is in fact a 16 year old. He does suck, and is broke. Since he cannot post to RGP anymore as no one will believe or care about a word he says, he is now posting here, ridiculing others for playing low limit poker. The internet is a funny place, Charlie, especially when you dont change your posting name.P.S. the Charlie Brody UB incident is eerily similar to XX
  14. No thats fairplay. AQ got lucky to flop trips, AK got lucky to hit runner runner to win...fairplayuhh what the hell is fairplay.
  15. Are you guys serious with the supersystem rules crap? That book is useless. 10 years ago it was groundbreaking but now you will get hammered playing SS style poker in any mid to high stakes limit game. From what i hear SS2 is better, especially harmans limit section, but a lot of it is SS rehashed. absolute junk. Same with Caros Tells. Anyone looking for all that crap now is wasting their time. 10 years ago when people didnt realize what was going on these tells were useful. Now, every joe schmoe has read this book. when i see someone trying to check my eyes etc i mess with them. ill glance at
  16. Here would be your first mistake... opening with a low suited connector out of position for 4xbb will get you into trouble very often.
  17. There are many people making significantly more than 1bb/hr in 15-30 games. Im assuming you've never played these stakes, because they are not that tough, especially live. A 2-4 player will get run over, yes, but not everyone is a 2-4 player, my friend. And not everyone beats the 15-30. but some do. There are much higher stakes than 15-30 being played regularily, and people beat those games, too.
  18. there are sites that will convert your arcane hand histories into more of a readable dialogue. google hand history converter.
  19. you have to be 18 to play online. i hope you get caught and they take away all your money. underage gambling is illegal. please tell us what lifestyle youve grown accustomed to? im interested in hearing this one.I noticed you are located in Colorado. gambling on the internet is illegal in the United States. There is no law stating a minimum age for internet gambling. It is illegal for those of all ages. You are a criminal in the same way that you accuse japeto of being one. Should we hope YOU get caught and they take away all YOUR money? I suspect your answer to that question would not be affi
  20. oh another one (not related to the 'sik'):92o - laotian slick
  21. too late, someone already said zing! now you've lost your chance at a witty comeback.
  22. Eddie you forgot to mention your specialty: making them disappear!
  23. Q3 - san fransisco busboy68 - you do me and ill owe you one
  24. bankroll requirements for 5-10 would depend on the purpose: if you are playing for supplemental income (i.e. to make money but not to live) 3k should be fine. If you lose that, you probably cant beat the game. If you are playing for a living, however, which it sounds like you want to do, you are going to need 500BB (5k) + 3 months living expenses (you'll have to figure out what those are) in order to minimize the risk of ruin. Of course, this is assuming you can beat 5-10. PS 5-10 online plays much differently from live 5-10. Depending where you play, its either much harder, or much easier but
  25. are you high? 50-100? you know thats supposed to mean dollars, not cents, right? are we talking about 50 cookies? chocolate chips? You do not play 50-100. You likely cant even spell 50-100. If you were playing 50-100, why are you capping on all streets with A10 o? rhetorical question, as you have admitted to this being a play money hand. "its was play...I took the night off but still...."then you insult a poster for playing $10 SNGs."$10 SnG...like I said most of you either started for fake or cheap crap no one really cares about losing"In summary $10 > ANY AMOUNT OF PLAY MONEY. He is playi
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