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  1. I think in the second hand you raised too little preflop.
  2. I like party's sit and go structre personally. I like their games. However, there customer service is unbelievably horrible. I hate dealing with them. I had to send picture ID to them. I refused cause i did not want to send my picture ID to India. Just to withdraw money. Was ridiculous
  3. forget poker get two monitors just for porn.
  4. I play on Royal what limits you play at? Masterock is the name i go under
  5. You know by signing up, if you continue to play on royal vegas that person with that website will be getting a percentage of all your money.
  6. Today was the worse poker experience ever.Playing Royal Vegas 10 nl, blinds .05/.10Hand 1I get AQI raise 40 cents. Get one caller. The flop comes AK6I bet 1 buck. he calls, the flop is 5. I bet 3 bucks. the river is a 6.I bet 3 bucks again. I was thinking of checking but i had no read on the guy. He calls all in 2.50 shows 10 6. I was sick. He did not even have a flush draw nothing. The same guy 15 minutes later.I get a QQ I raise 50 cents. Same guy calls.The flop comes all different suits. with a Q i have trips. I said to myself this guy will call me no matter what so i go all in 9.50. He
  7. aww i see never seen it. Looks like a fun game if you not in the mood to gamble much.
  8. I have been playing on Royal Vegas and they have 5 card stud. never heard of this game. Like hold'em there is fixed limit and NL.You get one card dealt down and one card up. Then there is 3 more cards to come and everyone can see . Its very easy to read the board and i think if anyone is worried about getting sucked out in NL holdem then go play this game. Still watching it but i say play some no limit 5 card and when you get one a up and one ace down go all in lol. Most hands win by a pair. Anyone ever play this game?
  9. That is not even the nuts!!! The nuts would be pocket 99's
  10. The flop play was terrible. Not the turn. Just my opinion.
  11. Damn straight when i have the best hand. There no time to be cute in this scenario. Put your money in. Specially when you get bet into!!!.
  12. I definately would not slow play this hand if i get bet into.Your opponent could hold QQ KK AA AK or like he said 10 10. You want to extract chips? He put in 20 bucks. Total of 58 bucks in the pot if i am correct. The pot was big enough for you to go all in. and show a good win. Then the ace came and you got scared maybe he has pocket aces, so here is the reason why you don't slow play. Your hand ain't as strong as you think. Put your money in and save yourself heartache.
  13. You flopped a full house and het bets 20 bucks and you only call. All my money would have went in right there. You misplayed this hand. Even when the turn came was another opportunity to have all your money in.
  14. Common sense is the most important aspect of poker
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