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  1. 3 times?I think we should send Erik a bunch of flowers as he must be feeling down ??What ya tink man ?
  2. I just wanted to say thank you to the folks that have chipped in with advice on getting through my rather bad streak recently.I am now more confident to start again and get back to the basics ! I am going to play on Pacific Poker and really get some decent play in to improve my confidence which has taken a battering recently.I honestly thought I was invincible.
  3. Thanks for the advice, for those that dont know I built $400 into $8000 on Party Poker but have had a few problems recently that have made me lose the plot. God bless.
  4. Sounds like a logistical nightmare but if it works for you, good luck !
  5. Matt Foley could probably give you a pep talk. You can find him in a van down by the river.Who the hell is Matt Foley ?
  6. Hello,I know some of you may think I am a big head and thought I was ready to go pro.After getting by bank roll to around $9000 I have had a terrible month and have lost about $7000 of this.This was mainly due to playing high stake SNG'sPlease can I have your opinions on how I get back on the right track.And not the obvious 'Dont play high stake SNG's' please.Thanks.
  7. I know Steve and David well and this is the real deal.No two ways about it. I would like to offer some assistance in arranging the pre and post match snacks and drinks.Please e-mail me Steve.Look forward to your reply.
  8. I agree, rather unprofessional ! Also to kurt, I am proud of you. I shed a tear when I read you got busted by the Ace 9 ! :cry:
  9. I know its clever, but please take my word for it ! ITS A PUBLICITY STUNT.
  10. This crap about this super casino and Daniel and this Sklansky geezer.What a fcuking loads of bollox !
  11. stop playing poker then dont whine to people on the forums about it just deal with it you will make profit in the long run with people calling with queen 9 suitedI would make a profit if it was limit holdem cash game but really this cost me the tournament and I know I should not whine and not play if it affects me this bad but really what are these people thinking ? I would suggest they are very rich people that are not thinking !
  12. Hello,I am sick of the morons on this site that have busted me. Yes I am sulking. Blinds at 100/50. Everyone is pretty much the same in chips, arounbd 10o0.I raise in the cut off to 200 and small blind goes all in, big blind folds.I call his all in bet with AKo and he shows the monster q9 (sooted, diamonds) !!Needless to say he hits his flush.He then goes on to say that he had to make a move ! I am just sick of it !!!!!!!!! Fcuking wankers !
  13. it'll offend the players that dont get named....and their fansWhere are the Rising fans today ?Absolute is usually full of kind words about me.I am crying !
  14. I'm offended you left me off this list.you're not at vet status so you don't deserve to get noticed. Calling Cardon !!!!!! hey rising this is off subject, but are you playing in the grandstand tournament today?I am at work until 1pm GMT (another 2 and a half hours ), give me deatils and i will give you a reply.
  15. I'm offended you left me off this list.you're not at vet status so you don't deserve to get noticed. Calling Cardon !!!!!!
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