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  1. went from liking lebron to hating him and liking him again cos he keeps doing it and if he can turn this lakers team around it would be higher praise than kobes final years of just taking 40 shots a game and tanking.
  2. i think makar could challenge mcdavid for heart trophy next year. still a kid but had an amazing playoffs. cheat code on power play.
  3. bill simmons is arguably one of the top 7 sports broadcasters of all time. i still think they broke up the simmons/lowe/haralabob big 3 too early, the few seasons they had at espn was great coverage.
  4. Pretty amazing the man utd could come off the bottom of the premier league if they beat liverpool next monday haha. 2 most winningest teams in english football history in a bottom of the table dog fight hehe. sportsbetting3.com does not give ten haag very long. like the cunha move in terms of the player but position is ridiculous, man utd dont need another central player behind the striker.
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