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  1. had a very quick look at last year. Doubt HORSE gets over 1000 entrants. NLHE almost definitely gets close to 2000
  2. yeah totally agree. I would definitely take 2/3
  3. yeah, 1994 has Pulp Fiction, Shawshank, Forrest Gump, and the Lion King. Objectively, I think Pulp Fiction and Shawshank have to be considered two of the best films of all time (I think an 'objective top 3' (if there can be such a thing) would include those two along with the Godfather).1994 has to be the no. 1 year imo. 1999 was good too, but with Pulp Fiction and Shawshank Redemption, there's no question for me.
  4. finished season 4 a few weeks ago, and I must say, after watching season 4, I can understand the hype.However, it still didn't live up to expectations. I enjoyed the show, but I wouldn't put it up there as 'one of the best ever' (for me personally anyway). The over-the-top-ness of some of the characters and situations annoyed so much it took away from my enjoyment of the show. I'm not in the New Mexico drug trade, but there was some stuff that happened in the show that I'm confident would not happen in real life! Obviously TV shows don't have to be realistic, but some stuff was just so totally
  5. I'd imagine writing a lot of information down would be key.Maybe playing a more 'mechanical' type of game might suit you too, e.g. instead of playing deep stack cash games where history plays a huge part, play hyper turbo SNGs where memory of what players have done in the past don't make too much of a difference to the right play (then again, this may be bad information, not sure what your memory would be like for memorizing pushing/calling ranges etc.)
  6. is the bet on bodog at evens? I would be totally shocked if the NLHE did not get massive numbers - surely a lot more than the HORSE tournament.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it, you played it fine
  8. I wish I invested in microsoft stock, but hey, we live and learn
  9. convert hands, this is totally necessary.KK opened and got flatted in two spots? On flop, there's a bet and a call and the KK shoves, yes? If you fold the KK, you have 12BBs left in your stack, easy shove.also, don't post results of hand, it makes replies biased based on results.
  10. hmmm...true, I forgot to factor in the fact we have the Ahthat said, I do think it's possible for him to have nothing on the turn. Close to the bubble, he could just be putting maximum pressure on us.
  11. Tbh, I like shoving flop. He has a really wide range to check raise with and you have a pretty good hand. There's 21k in the pot, and you're shoving for another 35k. It's a biggish shove but I like it. There's a lot of draws and bluffs in his range aswell as sets and overpairs. Once you bet the flop, I'm getting it in. If you check behind for pot control, I don't mind calling the turn and river in most cases, but once you bet and get check raised, flatting is too risky imo. Too many bad turns etc so I rather just get it in on the flop. If you check back flop, I would generally use the hand as
  12. I agree with the reasoning for picking DN but I wouldn't say it's a no brainer. and yeah, it's definitely possible Juanda was the best pick in group 6, I opted for Hellmuth personally. I don't think he's a better player than Juanda but he had a great series last year andseems like he's capable of going deep in the mixed games tournies.
  13. In position number 66. Totally confident in winning it. I won £1200 when I was like 8 at bingo with 66 being the final number. #truestory #coolstory #bro
  14. you seem to be on the right track and approaching things in the right way which is a good start. At the start, don't be worried about making a profit etc. try to improve your play and learn the game. Don't play too many tables at once, just focus on thinking through every single decision and build a thought process for why you are doing certain things. Split your time into play and study. Nothing improves your game more than play, but study is important too, even more so when you're starting out. Very rough guide, I would recommend a minimum of 30% study and 70% play. Some people recommend 50-
  15. had Selbst, Dwan, Hellmuth, Tobias, Cody, Jaka, Buchanan and Marafioti 3672 entries, any idea how many of these registered just for the draft?
  16. all depends on the mood, but atm, I'd give a slight nod to live
  17. I think Selbst, Cody, Chiu, Jaka, Marafioti and Buchanan are pretty clear options. The other 9 choices are at least somewhat debatable or close between two.
  18. you can check out training sites (deuces cracked, pokerxfactor, cardrunners etc) for some free samples, but you will probably have to pay after that for anything of decent quality
  19. yeah bro, I'm confident going into it! I've seen worse 80-1 shots!France did not qualify for the Euros for 24 years, then they won it in 1984.Greece did not qualify for the Euros for 24 years, then they won it in 2004.Ireland did not qualify for the Euros for 24 years, but now they have qualified....wrt dressing for comfort etc. I think the comfort excuse can only be pushed so far. If you are on a televised table, dressing a little bit respectably should be expected. Whether DN and MS would agree with that point, I'm not sure. What I think both would agree on though, is that boring people, wea
  20. and also, calling 3 bet raises with QT? Seriously dude, move up to where they respect your raises.
  21. one more post closer to 5000, I'll get there before FCP dies...and how come u removed the join date? I want my plethora of experience to be shown
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