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  1. Thanks again to everyone, I've been checking everyday and it's nice to see the variety of helpful commentsI took some suggestions and I started a Poker Beginner Questions threadFeel free to go over there and check it out and give us some help!
  2. Hey Forum,I've just started getting involved into poker and I have much to learn.I posted a thread few days ago about my big step into the poker world here, feel free to give it a read!Like I said previously, I'm pretty new to poker and as a learning player, several questions spring up while playing and studying poker.Not surprisingly, a good portion of the questions I have are basic/novice and the answer to those questions are rarely answered since they are at that level.I want this thread to be a place where beginners, such as myself, can freely ask questions and be answered by more experien
  3. Thanks again everybody that's been helping me out!Is there a Beginners' question thread anywhere here?I have some questions that (I think) are novice and rather than creating multiple threads for simple questions and answers, I was wondering if there was a thread where people answer these type of questions?I was wondering what the difference between Cash games that say stuff like "6-max, turbo, shallow"I understand the "6-max" but what does "Turbo" and "Shallow" mean?Does it effect my game and how?Which one should I play in or does it even make a difference?As I play more I'll have more questi
  4. Hey thanks so much guys,Thanks Jam-Fly, It's really awesome to have people giving me the right direction to go rather than aimlessly wandering around haha.I'll definitely take a look at the book/articles and have a good readI'll also try to contribute here and there to help other beginners grow with meI'm excited to be part of this communityI've got a lot to learn!
  5. Hey Fourm,This is my first post and to be honest i don't even know if I'm doing anything right so cut me a little slack :)Anyway, today I made my first deposit of a minimum 25$ and started playing online poker.I write about it in more detail in my newly started blogI hope you take a look!Background information about me and a brief introduction:I'm an 18 year old college student.I got interested in poker 2 years ago via videos of WSOP, High Stakes Poker, and other poker videos on youtube.I found FCP through Daniel's youtube channel and just recently I've really started getting into poker.For ab
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