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  1. Last time I checked I'm both way older than that and an excellent player. Sorry guy, I'm not your typical fanboy here that has to suck up to a metrosexual canadian bible-thumper to feel cool. because it's fun to laugh at people that are just so bad at poker and life. really. it's kinda sad but i mean guys like you kinda pay the bills of guys like me. well, guys like you with more money and a penchant for crazy gambling at 10/20 and 15/30. This is stupid for a couple reasons. People are fans of pro football or basketball players because they are mostly from the town that that player repr
  2. You guys are stupid.Most of the money that he lost in that game was not his.Therefore all this stupid speculation by DN fanboys, all 3 pages of it about "playing over his head" and "taking a big hit", it's all moot.
  3. How would you know?I'm assuming like most fanboys here your game of choice is $10 buyin NLHE and you can't even win at that. So what would make you qualified to judge that one guy's play is head and shoulders above everyone else's? What's the biggest buyin tourney youve ever played?
  4. not sure if twinkie soft is the proper term. dont get me wrong they are full of bad players but a better term would probably be reckless. the games in L.A. at any limit or not soft games you can run over with shear aggression. i haven't played 3/6 limits in years but the style of play is similar at all limits in one way. push push push. soft to me represents call call call and fold fold fold. DN wrote about L.A. games in one of his cardplayer articles. you can chk it out in the archives.also middle limits here are considered 15-30 to 40-80 and for reasons i stated above they are far from bei
  5. Not a table full of them.That said, every low limit B+M game I've ever sat at has had at most 1 to 2 other guys at the table with half a clue. The rest were fish, normally huge fish. Really bad players. All over.Go sit at an online 3/6 game and you will find at minimum there are 3-4 guys that don't out and out suck and most of the bad players aren't as bad. The kind of total retard you'll find bunches of in live 3/6 games you gotta look out for.You have not and do not play online, so STFU. You don't know what you're talking about. Live players at the low to mid limits are way way way w
  6. This is so freaking stupid.Commerce 3/6 is twinkie soft, much easier than party by a factor of at least 10. I have never ever sat at a live 3/6 table full of expert cardplaying gangbangers and asian rounders.never ever.this must be written for comedic effect.i don't think you know anything about poker and i don't think you've played much at all online.so shut up.
  7. Okay, I thought I made it clear already that I wasn't joking. You don't have to go and post chat logs like a little b*tch.but everything you said was just so hilariously dumb i had to
  8. This is just so not true.Most of the grinders that I know of that are making in the mid to high 6 figures online play mostly limit. It's a more robust game.The idiocy of these guys on this forum astounds me. You have this yoda guy that has probably never played higher than $50 NL and isn't a winning player making broad generalizations of where the money's at. Huh?
  9. I talked to this guy on AIM, he wasn't joking. Here's some excerpts from the conversation (he's konidias):First, you have to realize it does take longer to drop 50 bbs when you are playing 1 table on pacific. It's slow as hell and he probably does not get many hands in. He's relatively new to cash games as well and he just doesn't realize how big a downswing can be in a 3 handed game.NAMBLA Gambla: i think you need to go read some sklanskykonidias: um, thanks i guessNAMBLA Gambla: good stuff on bankroll managementkonidias: sklansky doesn't need any more moneyNAMBLA Gambla: i think you need
  10. Yeah, mine was at least. It's not really that hard (plays like 10/20 or 15/30 live I'd say, sometimes harder.) I'd rather not talk about it here though, but I added you to my MSN list so if you want you can hit me up there.Show me some stat that says you're winning over 8 bb per hr at 3/6.Are you retarded? This is so easy it's not even funny. Here's how:play 8 tables x 65 hands / hr (I'm making this up, that seems about right, I don't have my DB in front of me.) This is 520 hands / hr.Make 1.5 bb / 100. This isn't that hard if you aren't retarded. Mine is higher. If you are good it will
  11. http://tinyurl.com/58lj3 PatrickNot only is he a paragon of class, he's a detective as well.
  12. Deep into the belly of the internet beast? Not quite. It's just that I've been around a lot longer than you. Yeah, people played poker before it was a fad. I've been on RGP for probably 6 years and I've seen Danny consistently act like a classless jackass. So I come here and take 10 minutes to show all the fanboys. It's been fun.
  13. Wrong. Online players use Poker Tracker and a host of other statistical software that targets individual's tendencies in any situation. These can be exploited to the savvy tech guru.This is retarded. B+M players are worse by far, and PT isn't gonna make you beat the game if you are not a good player.
  14. So, your point is that since everyone here hasn't shot up in limits overnight, everyone sucks? Grinding takes time, man.That's not my point at all. My point is that everyone here is either bad at poker or new to it. Where are all the guys here beating the 30 at party? Or even the 15?I think that the fact that there are only a couple of those guys around here pretty much shows that this forum probably isn't the right place to hang out if you want to get good at poker.
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