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  1. Honestly...I am willing to bet that most ONLINE players can't beat the live games....Only reason I say that is A)People online are hiding behind their monitors and will give away their stategies live.B) Most online players don' have the access to Real games... (Casino, B&M's) home games don't count.C) Online players will not have the patience for live games... they are used to a 100 hands an hours where as live games maybe 20 hands an hour.... Just sayin, that because everyone can't beat online games does not mean that they suck at poker....Online is a different animal...Anyway to the OP..
  2. who are u, the topic police? so fkn petty its unbelievable.
  3. I didn't read any further. If the next 3 pages are players saying they will lay down KK preflop without a 95% certain read, then those players are mistaken.There are so few execeptions to the statement,"don't fold KK preflop," that there shouldn't even be a debate.I hope some of the better cash game players have spoken up here to silence the people who think they can fold KK preflop.u just cant fold kk pf in any cash game. and quite quite seldom in any tourn.
  4. u dont fold KKpreflop in a cash game. farha was not considering a fold. that is all.
  5. It's all about quality not quantityMMmike cant spell the words quality or quantity.
  6. adjust ur game to the calibre and type of ur opponents. be aware whos capable of what, who you can get away with some easy blindstealing etc etc. Ubertight wont get it done, esp if ur goal is winning and not just cashing.
  7. I wish I could watch DN, but I can't connect to FCP here from school. I only have a patch that works for Pokerstars and UB. im guessing dn will quit when he finds this out. bro, dont mess it up for everyone else next time.
  8. to be honest I wasn't bored, i mean it was taking a long time, but i expected to be playing for a long long time. Boredom didn't make me push taht hand, i was tilted because I misplayed 99 to chunk off my stack. Obviously should of just folded a8 and moved on, but i made numerous mistakes all tournament that were just me not folding when i should. It was a bad way to spend 3 hours when i really thought i was playing well, slowly building and for sure was gonna cash. Last hand was jsut retarded, although i make him fold that hand a majority of the time on that flop, just a well played pair of a
  9. This is just flat out nuts. There isn't a poker game none to man that he would have a chance in. I would totally crush him in any and all forms of poker. Seriously, what makes you think Phil is playing well? What does he win? When does he even play? I like Phil a lot and think he is hilarious, but the dude couldn't handle the head spinning I'd give him.i think hes a pretty good nlhe tourn player, when he plays. wasnt he one of the originators of the small ball style of play?
  10. if u want daniels attention put a heart in ur next thread.
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