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  1. Play chess some time? I miss that site. I almost went pro there (highly overated job)
  2. https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/recipe-how-to-make-basic-cannabutter Summary: 1/2 butter 1/2 water Mix them together. Grind the cannabis. Use low quality weed. Heat the butter to 200-250F. Mix in weed. Cook at low temp for a long time. Extra Info Cannabanoids are fat soluble which means they work in high fat food. Friday was the first time edibles worked for me. I ate a brownie and then drank a large glass of milk. Don't use edibles the first time. You can't control dose because it doesn't metabolize consistently. If you don't want to smoke
  3. He came across as kind of scummy. Made a big deal about how he was removing himself from some stupid rank list. So stupid. But that mexican guy who always ranted about partypoker became super pro because of him. Spent all his money on pinatas.
  4. I'm an expert so here's a test: 1. Does it bother people of that race? Pencils down.
  5. I never play the tournaments. They are always in the afternoon. Plus, my bankroll is very low. Is it worth it?
  6. Keeping the table friendly is such a big asset. "hey, don't 3-bet me, I can't call"
  7. Fantasy football has so much more money and so much more political power than Poker.
  8. I've been playing Juicy Stakes, I think I get 35% rakeback. The best is SWC. The rake is so tiny and that lets the losing players stick around longer. There's also a lot of games like 5 card omaha, and people are so terrible at that. You start off with 5 times the hand combinations, so you can flop the nuts and still be close to drawing dead.
  9. Might be reading into it too much, but looked like Daniel was trying to feign weakness, using a bit of reverse psychology. Might have just been the make up and lighting. I just kind of got the vibe that Daniel looks nervous.
  10. Ok. The meds make you feel like a zombie. Doctors prescribe too much, and that's usually the problem. The right amount, you feel better, but it's heavy stuff. People think we just go off meds because we're crazy, but that's not usually the case. I was a big fan growing up and you were a good role model.
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