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  1. I'm pretty sure they steal it and make you wait 3+ years to get your money back.
  2. This hand over all you lose on this hand more than win?? AK is one of the strongest starting hands in holdem. If played correctly you win more than you lose.
  3. Pissonya,Pissonya,Pissonya In polish that means, I love you If I had it my way, I'd Pissonya all day Pissonya,Pissonya,Pissonya
  4. #IDontEvenKnowWhoEmmaIs
  5. the horror.............the horror.......................the horror
  6. Ultimate Failure!! I say we all pitch in and buy the site. We could rebrand it to something like.........We don't cheat our players! or We have no connections to Ultimate Bet..... honestly!! How about Honest Phil's Poker! I like the sound of that one!
  7. I don't think I got a whole lot out of that. It was painfully long for very little in substance.
  8. Seems to me poker players made stars what it is. I guess they can unmake it also. Just play somewhere else until the traffic they lose makes them shift course.
  9. We like people that help us and the middle class. Actually, I hate all them!! There is nothing to love about inefficiency and mismanagement! As far as getting swamped, it will not happen on jobs that I work on. (MARSEC job sites) No unauthorized personnel allowed. Gotta watch out for those terrorists you know.
  10. This new thing Obama is going to push through will put the nail in the coffin.
  11. Can you legally heckle the other players on these machines? Sounds like a fun time!!
  12. Be reasonable: Do it my way!! The Chicago way!
  13. IS there charts for job satisfaction and societal advancements? Have we been moving forward or have things been getting worse? As far as I can tell it's all breaking down.
  14. 2/3rd's of Americans didn't vote because they think everyone they are voting for has the same agenda anyway. The Nuts literally are running the nut house! Most of the nut cases voted too! When the politicians start doing things for the right reasons and not for money things might not turn out so horrendous all the time. Playing cash games around town gets me out of the house a bit at least.
  15. No, it doesn't work the other way around as well. Without me the paper pushers are on a folding table in a garage!!
  16. That's like calling the police for an emergency. Completely ineffective. Most safety people never spent time working in construction and are always prone to siding with the people with more money. Your simple answers simply hold no weight with me. I'm on the job and I see what goes on. Safety guys and OSHA have their heads buried up their asses. Union personnel need to be defended by other members of the union or risk constantly getting ****ed over. It's funny to me how all the armchair workers of the world are constantly bashing union labor when, in my opinion, they have never done an ho
  17. I have to admit, that rolling out a giant rat and parking it in front of a bunch of people trying to work is pretty ineffective. If that is all the ammo these unions have these days, maybe they should die off. Of course, some unions you will never get rid of, if you want society to keep moving. The problem is, the risk of losing your life on the job goes quite a bit higher when you have non-union labor working side by side with union labor, I'm not liking the direction this country is headed. I can barely stand to care about it anymore. Greedy corporations are so good at following laws I
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