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  1. But dude, you didn't think the part when Swank bit off her tongue in that movie was strangely sexy?HB-FckCT- MNK - K
  2. This is humongous. Try playing more live sitngos with buddies, etc.; you can get better by playing anyone in tourneys, while that is not necessarily the case in cash games. Easier to read online tourneys than cash games as well.Also, be as absolutley manipulative as you can. Play the mind game. MAKE your opponents put you on certain hands. Show down suited connectors/drawing hands for cheap and then play the exact same way when you flop a monster Bet the same every time or never bet the same amount twice. And TRUST your instincts.
  3. Any read on this guy??? If you have one at all, I think this is an easy decision.If he makes a lot of moves, I almost insta-call. Typical for LAG's to bet scary cards, especially if he did think you were making a continuation bet or were betting your J.If he's more of a rock, you fold here pretty easily. It was a significant hit to your stack, but a rock betting into a scare card means he's hoping the A improved your hand and catching it will induce a call from you. If a rock only had a piece of the board, he's certainly betting/raising on the flop or turn.
  4. Live poker is easier to make money in because you can make better reads and there are more gamblers around. Period.
  5. Maybe they are really "Clamdiggers."
  6. Someone should steal your keyboard.
  7. I said Goo to this one too. How old is Ivey?
  8. My reaction to these was much like the gang's when the "Jump to Conclusions" mat was introduced...
  9. thanks, do you know how many raked hands I gotta play
  10. 1) AGREED that value-betting is smarter and we would do this, but could we expect it from mini-me raiser here? I still say this guy is a tricky LAG and may have intended to push your friend off a better but marginal hand in case his AK was beat.2)AGREED that he should've called. I'm really only scared of the 10-9 here, and although that is very possible here, there are more options that we win against. Putting him on KK or QQ would be A) an impossible read given the player and B) mathematically improbable, but you know this man. Jimmy, what do you think of Coco Crisp?
  11. Therefore I, Sir ForKeepsalot, doth take exception to the fact that thout hath the personal knowledge of His Eminence King Negreanu.
  12. Yeah, but it comes slow. I don't know the rules behind it (somebody explain) but I deposited $130 a few days ago and just got a whopping $6.50 yesterday, which the popup announced was a portion of my bonus. Gee thanks FTP, I'm going to QJ/SH/GTV on that one.
  13. First, why did he bet into the villain after he raised, holding only MP/TPK? Whatever the reason, you got a call and found 2 pair on the turn. A10 doesn't call unless he's suited with the flop, AJ doesn't call the turn bet. I THINK he has one of the 3 things:1) Busted flush draw, in which case I agree with the poster that says you have to call if you were expecting it2) 10-9. You said the villain likes to min-raise or the like with these kind of hands, and I think it's a real possibility here, and he probably wasn't too worried about you being on the flush draw since you bet into him.3) A-
  14. Most sites that offer InstaCash options to deposit will pay the fee too. I can personally vouch for Pokerroom and UB skins; I don't know about FullTilt.
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