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  1. Gl gadjet, I'm only at like 1200 so no way, it'd be pretty sick if you got 1%.
  2. Wow ace jack ? I'm def betting the river. Turbo tourney, get all you can while you can. If this was a cash game I can see the check on the river but in a turbo style tournament I like a bet here. If he called two previous bets I think you can get a little more on the river, him limping doesn't say AQ or AK at all, even for a tight player. Instantly I think he doesn't know how to play a mid pair or in this case likely A-10. Idk even ABC players maybe especially ABC players are going to open with a big ace. That is textbook isn't it ? Maybe he puts you on JJ QQ or TT. If he called you down that
  3. Did you have jacks and he had tens or something crazy ?
  4. You never told us what you had. I probably shove granted starting is prob 10k ? You're already deep into it, since its a turbo tourney you'reggonna have to shove soon anyway. So did he have tens or jacks ? Remember this is all without knowing your starting hand, but I think he had tens or jacks. If he had a big ace he's not checking the river, he's either on a mid pocket pair or blown draw.
  5. was very surprised, he seemed pretty solid until that point. Had seen him around and the majority of the time he was stacked a good bit deeper than table max, Ofc no telling how many times he got chips. First time I played with him.
  6. Another hand is what I meant, let him think he can exploit you so you can re pop in another pot where you bet the flop and he re raises you. If you folded previously then come over the top he's probably laying down anything but a monster. You can focus on individual hands and thats good but the session as a whole is more important. It's poker, you will lose money, you just have to win more than you lose. Picking your spots is crucial in a long term winning player.
  7. You mis-understood, I meant fold this one and three bet in a better spot.
  8. I hope they all gave you a little cash to chop as CL.
  9. I just don't like where the hand is headed, you did have the heart but folding this hand let's you have options for the future to come back over the top in a more comfortable spot. Or possibly even a back over the top re-raise bluff if you feel you can pull it off/ he's trying toexploit.
  10. I like deep stacks a lot I think it eliminates a lot luck and gives an edge to good players.
  11. He was open ended with an ace, as mentioned he's thinking 11 outs not knowing you had clubs. This is just a weird hand, the pre action let a lot of hands get in, I agree that his call of ai was a bad call, you could have had a made straight or a nut flush draw taking away his ace, which isn't too far fetched in this situation. I don't think it was a bad play really. A Lot of you guys are getting caught up in what he could have had. The hero made a good read and was repping a good hand a6 is a pretty bad hand to call Here with one card to go.
  12. Just wondering, what tournament ?
  13. Idk feel like if I raise the flop they are going to put me on a monster. Also he just said it was a bad play not flatting to the river, ( the guy that folded is saying this ). The guy who's money I took, took up for me and said he didn't put me on the boat because I didn't flat.
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