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  1. That moment you realize you already posted here a year ago.
  2. Definetely want to get involved! i just moved up to 10nl a few days ago. so far so good. I only play 2 tables, sometimes 3, this laptop wont handle tiling 3-4 screens, it's too small to see. I've only played 400 ish hands so far in 10nl because I'm currently reading Gaines "poker math that matters" soaking up as much knowledge as I can. But I'm on the same boat as you's. Let's do this, D D D D D Drrop the bass!
  3. You made the wrong bet on the flop, but the correct fold on the turn. That's a serious lay down that I'd have trouble doing. I don't usually raise with pocket pairs pre flop either, unless 7 - 8 and up. But that's just me. If I hit a set and see potential of someone making a straight or a flush, then I bet aggressively and make them pay for the privilege to hit their hand (as said in Phil Gordons little green book) . Put the pressure on them, don't give them easy decisions. If you know you're ahead, and there's potential of a flush / straight being made, try take the pot down right there. (tha
  4. Well you surely have plenty of outs to make the call. King high / flush / straight.. Pre flop you could easily say you were behind Giving their position and being re raised but the flop is pretty good for you.. You're only drawing but if you hit with all those outs you get a big pay off.. Depends weather you want to gamble really. I probably would have folded K 10 after being re raised from earlier position since it's not too strong of a hand.. But if I was in your position and had plenty of chips to use I'd most likely call.. looking at your pot odds and what, 18 outs? Did you end up hitt
  5. Have to say that's true. How could he make 2mil in 3 weeks, then 11 million if he was a shit player? He says himself his weakness is playing live, but he's getting a lot better and winning. He's got the biggest balls and no regard for money what so ever. If you want action, you get it.. and quite clearly works to his side. Also throw out there he has defeated negreanu heads up..
  6. Not the slightest into this prepping. I think zombies / 2012/ doomsday preppers etc is a load of shit.. no offense.
  7. Take his money and tell him what you think if that's how strong you feel about it. Why sit out and take pressure off him? If I have a problem with someone, I let them know about it. Be straight forward. Some people complain about how you care so much, I think that's BS. It's good to see a huge icon to poker like yourself actually care enough to stand up and lay the smack down. Forget opinions to be honest, you do what YOU feel like doing, what makes you comfortable.
  8. Don't get any of that here in Australia.. well, it's not big enough here. .
  9. I'm not at work because I had an injury at work nearly 2 months ago.. 14 tonne excavtor took out my foot/ankle/lower leg.. SOO yeah, Tony G qualified to have a sick days.
  10. I've never played Full Tilt until yesterday.. I've always wanted to. Considering moving from Titan.. but Titan has the BEST online support instant messaging. They reply instatly. I honestly like the look of FT, and I seem to get good hands more often and don't get sucked out on EVERY time with a great hand like Titan always does..
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