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  1. No, I believe I met TB17 during the Grinder tournament. Met one of those cats, anyway. The guy I met was talking up Ruth's Chris Steak House.
  2. Lucky You made me mad because they had a wealth of elements at their disposal to make a good movie about poker. But they made a movie about growing up instead. Bana was miscast. I think they needed to get someone who looked like they were capable of the grift, someone on the down and out. Like Norton in Rounders. Or Oscar on Sesame Street. Bana just looked perfectly kempt and wholesome, even when he was taking bills from Drew Barrymore's purse. She needed that money to pay rent, Bana! But I did like how he'd sit in mid-limit games and turn water into wine. That's my shit right there. Vegas is
  3. Was nice meeting you at that ****ing Grinder tournament. I later made up half my entry by hitting quad wild cards on some nickel poker machine. They really had a HORSE game going at Planet Hollywood? Sorry that I missed it.
  4. It would have been great TV to see that hand play out. The producers of the show couldn't have been too happy with the deal that was cut. However, you can't fault Benyamine's for his sick look when the cards turned over. As soon as Guy called, shit was hitting pants. And every other player at the table was happy they weren't in that hand. Meanwhile, I play low-level Sit n' Gos and 2/4 Limit. Watching that was like science fiction to me. Be interesting to see of Benyamine can regroup.
  5. I tried to stop any smack chat talk. I certainly think it helps my game. However, last night, this guy kept raising my blind, min raising it. So I told him that next time, I was going all in with any hand. So, instead of min raising my blind the next time, he went all in. I looked down at 102o and tossed it like a coward.The less I chat the better.
  6. Didn't she mention this in the article. How she wasn't going to enter because of the entry fee...but got some backers?
  7. Another thing about Bodog - people there are insane with the smack talk. It's not uncommon for people to wish death upon you and/or family members and loved ones. In a $10 sit n' go. How is the chat at other sites? I used to get mad about it, but I've learned to pretty much ignore it and almost never type anything during a game.Except "**** off and die" after every single hand I lose. Or win.
  8. I don't find the software terrible. Of course, as long as it doesn't have TRS-80 graphics, I'll probably get used to it. Plus, when you fold your hand, you still get to see your discarded hole cards as the hand progresses. So you don't have to rely on your memory to regret your fold. Who has the best software? And what makes it the best?
  9. Man, it's really the only place I play. I play a lot of Sit 'n Gos, because my shit is WEAK. But, they don't really fill up all that slow. Plus, Ryland is right - they have beginner Sit 'n Gos that pay 5 out of 10 spots. If you get 5th, you win back your buy in minus what the site charges you to play. These are good games if you want to practice patience while playing. The games certainly aren't going to give you any kind of rush. But they are good for beefing up the sad (in my case) bankroll. I also play a bit on Full Tilt - strictly cash games. I'm very up and down there - like Chutes and La
  10. So, you walked around a casino and took cell phone pictures of girls you thought were good looking/passable and then posted them on your blog.That might be sadder than the ending of "Old Yeller."
  11. Harman didn't play a hand really, but I thought she had the best moment on last night's show - when she was picking on Phil for his biggest loss. "Losing 500k in one session is your biggest loss? You're just a puppy."--Obviously not a direct quote, but I laughed.
  12. It's actually kind of entertaining when they do it, for some reason. Anyway, what I don't understand is why the other person in the hand doesn't reply by saying "This is so healthy. So healthy."
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