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  1. What's your standard deviation for each?
  2. Can I just make up results and collect the $ from you? (cuz if so, count me in)
  3. How much more success is everyone having with NL? I have no idea how to play, but maybe I'll learn and mix it in if it's as lucrative as everybody says. Do you guys play SH or full-ring?
  4. Make sure you get rakeback. I would suggest either Absolute or WorldPX.
  5. Yeah, he's gonna get a lot of chips around bubble time.
  6. Next biggest stack at Daniel's table has $140,900, so it looks like Daniel will be the sheriff with his $331,000.
  7. No, you don't have to enter your password or username.
  8. Flopped a royal flush once. My opponent flopped a set of aces, turned a boat, and rivered quad aces. Too bad I wasn't playing NL.http://www.pokerhand.org/?127932
  9. Each person's link will be different since it refers to your PokerStars id in order to credit your account with FPPs.
  10. Just got the PokerStars survey in my email and I suggested that they start offering rakeback. Everybody else should do the same. They credit your account with 300 FPPs for filling it out.
  11. My goal this month is to get a royal flush in spades. I didn't reach my goal last month of a royal flush in diamonds :-(
  12. I haven't been on party in a while. They have a casino now, not just BJ?
  13. I was happy when I was able to use my Stars FPPs to get $1500 in amazon gift cards, but then I calculated what that would be worth with 100% rakeback and I became slightly less happy.
  14. That is very impressive. Is poker your only source of income, or do you work part-time also? Why don't you move up to 5/10?
  15. 80k in a year playing poker sounds pretty good to me. Abba, do you make more than that? Just curious, not being an arsehole or anything.Also, if someone can make 80k/year playing 3/6, why wouldn't they move up to 5/10 at some point?
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