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  1. If you're worried about how good Ike is, and getting into bad spots, and giving him free cards.. then why did you just call pre-flop? You're going to get into bad spots where he is going to play well against you, in position, and he gets way more information from the flop than you do, what with his wide pre-flop range.I don't see how your pre-flop play can be good if your post-flop thinking is good. Backslider
  2. When all you have in your life is your forum mod gig, you take it really seriously. They are pathetic, but if you give them any more than a passing thought, you're feeding into it. Just ignore them. Certainly don't do anything to increase traffic to them.
  3. I'm just wondering if he'll try to do both. It is a 10k event, so 20k in chips could last awhile. If he just played it on breaks or whatever?He really should be in this event. I would tend to think that he at least had a little bit of influence on having such an event added to the schedule. I'm sure PStars is putting up the money anyway, right? I will be surprised if he isn't in it.Backslider
  4. The 10k Mixed Championship starts tonight, right? This seems like a great event for Daniel. Does anyone know for sure if he is going to play, regardless of how the 1k rebuy is going?Fantasy rosters will be affected!(I am also wondering about chip-leader-Ivey... )Backslider
  5. I decided to bet. In hindsight, it doesn't seem like a good play. He isn't going to fold any hand that beats mine (a bigger pair, two pair, set, straight, etc). The only hands he might be able to call with that I can beat are pocket 8s or A7 or 87 possibly. If he was on a draw he either got there with a 4, or has two outs with an 8. There wasn't much upside to betting, except to keep me out of a difficult decision when he bets the river into my weakness. To counter that, I guess sometimes you have to check a big hand on the turn.Anyway, I bet, he calls with JJ and I lose.Backslider
  6. I don't have the hand history, but I can give the scenario. I don't play a lot of nl cash games. I play nl tournaments, and limit games (frequently other than holdem) mostly. I think I've got a medium tight/loose image. Not tight, but not playing a ton of hands. That hands I do play I am usually the aggressor.Folded to me in middle position w/ pocket nines. I raise to $3. The small blind calls. This player plays a lot of pots, and tends to open-limp a lot. If it is checked to him on the flop, he takes a stab at the pot. I started the hand with $40, he has me covered.The flop comes 76
  7. Justin was directly on my right for the first day of the $2500 HORSE tournament. We had the same table from the start at 5pm until about 2:45am. We talked a bit (not about the cheating), and he seemed like a really nice guy. Not that it changes anything he's done, but it is worth something. He was pretty quiet, and very respectful. As a player, he seemed pretty good. He started off bad, but it was probably mostly bad luck. He seemed much more comfortable (and agressive) during the Hold Em rounds. He was raising a lot of pots during those rounds. Pretty much what I expected.Backslider
  8. Hmm... I should have been more clear. When I said "I just cashed".. I meant that I actually had the cash in my pocket alreday. I went out around 2am. Just before David Williams, John D'Agostino, et. al.But, considering the tough field, and that it is my first WSOP cash (second WSOP tourny), I am still pretty happy. First step, cash. Second step, win one. (Sorry for bragging, it will be the only time.)I haven't looked to see if Daniel has a new video blog, but I have a feeling his next one isn't going to be very upbeat. Backslider
  9. I do. I just cashed in this event. I was one table over from Daniel. It was pretty crazy. One minute I looked over there and he had a pretty huge stack. The next minute I looked over and his seat was empty. I managed to muddle along below average the whole way into the money. Obviously not Daniel's M.O. I also had the pleasure of busting Scotty Nguyen, which is nice.I heard Daniel talking about the dinner break situation. He was pissed. Not only did it screw up his plans to play more, but he had told other people they could buy in and play a decent amount at the 5K Holdem during the d
  10. Now THIS is funny. Really.The only thing that counts is tournament poker. How many NLHE tournaments do you need to play to be a TOP PLAYER? Brilliant.Backslider
  11. Ah yes.. the very deadly, but often misunderstood, Bluff-Call. Rarely seen in the wild. Count yourself lucky to have witnessed it.BacksliderPS - my original response was serious. You're never going to understand how some people play if you project your own motivations (playing correctly, winning, etc) on to them.
  12. I think the bigger problem is if they use this law to get the major ISPs to block traffic to online poker sites. Then it becomes a game of switching providers, IP addresses, poker sites, etc. The small guy will always be able to stay ahead of the big guy, but they could make it so annoying that it essentially kills it because the casual player won't bother.Backslider
  13. Before you can figure out his "strategy", you need to figure out his motivation for playing.The "strategy" will follow from that.Backslider
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