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  1. IDK, but he didDate / Time: 2005-07-12 13:06:00Title: Featured TableLog: With the board showing J-10-9-K-7 John Juanda bets $65,000 on the river, into Phil Ivey. Ivey folds and Juande shows him A-Q for the nut straight, winning a $200,000 pot. Quoting CardPlayer as a source for accuracy is unwise.Ray
  2. This is absolutely nothing compared it Phil Ivey's fold/all in play a few days ago.Raymer is such an amateur at the true poker power plays.Ray(sw)
  3. Seeing it posted twice on Cardplayer.com with different information makes me think of the Matrix scene where he sees the cat walk across the archway twice."Deja Vu, it happens when they make a change to the Matrix."Ray
  4. Damn, I have twice the (post) size as you! She should care!Ah well.Work is busy for me, but its not gonna stop me from cheering on my friend. I want to see his name appear just once in the coverage today (not next to a "Finished in XXXth place-" title).Ray
  5. Apparently the secret was for me to post here. Poof, day 6 just appeared on cp coverage."naked big boobie blonde women just don't fall out of the sky you know!"Had to try.Ray
  6. Is today move day? Last nights coveragesays play will resume at noon today, but its past noon and Cardplayer.com coesn't even have a "day 6" tab yet.... Anyone know whats up?Ray
  7. The levels don't seem to match up directly with cardplayer coverage, but if I can hamemr it out efectively, I think they will start today at this level:18TH ante: $1,000 blinds: $3,000 - $6,000I gotta admit, I am not sure where that is gonna force Mr. $46K in terms of play style...Ray
  8. Last I saw blinds were $2,500/$5,000. If blinds this morning are up to the 10K range, that would make him much more likely to try to double up asap. Dunno....That's why I was trying to find out the levels.Ray
  9. After Day 3:56 Larry Prugh 372,500 Chips Yay!He has JC Tran at his table today in seat 1 and he is seat nine, ouchie. He also has Johnny Howard in seat 6, who I never heard of, but is fourth in chips, so maybe he'll have some opportunities there.Does anyone know the blinds/level schedule for today? There is only one "short stack" at 46K at his table, and I'm curious how much that will affect this guys startout play.Ray
  10. I use the SlumpBusterBuster, so I can bust the motha****a that's bustin my slump!Ray
  11. Woot! My family friend has broken the bubble, and is at least in the top 510. *cheer*Ray
  12. Good lord. So, if I am a dealer and everyone at my table folds, I have to stand up for anywhere form 1-10 minutes EVERY HAND until this farce is done.How many dealer walkouts today? Can I get an over under here?Ray
  13. I was hoping people here could help compile all the places you know that are covering the WSOP right now.Right now I watch here (because its a good conglameraton), and I leave a page open for www.cardplayer.com, and occasionally I shoot over to www.pokerpages.com.Where else should I be watching?Ray(Edit to make a more professional looking topic so people know to look here)
  14. 100 Larry Prugh 157,500 Chips 0Gotta root for the family friend! If anyone is on site, tell him Ray Powers (who he will know better as "John's son") is rooting for him.After that, Howard is still in, so I'd like to see him to well, as well as Sammy and Phil Ivey..Ray
  15. One of my family friends who won through a qualifier ended up 195th yesterday with abotu 34K in chips. Woot for him!(Llarry Prugh is his name.)Ray
  16. I was on the Hendon Mob database looking at a couple players and noticed a "random player" button. Out of amusement I clicked it and got Joey Tumminelli. Some random guy (hence the button!) who place in one seven card stud tournament. Amused, I clicked again, and this time I got..Joey Tumminelli.Hurmm, clear cache, and try it again. Once again the not so great Joey Tumminelli appears on my screen.Is he the "Random Player of the Week" or something? Ray
  17. Date / Time: 2005-07-07 18:25:00Title: Harry DemetriouLog: Harry Demetriou has been eliminated.
  18. I'm just hoping there's a happy ending to this story....Ray
  19. Not to mention Cardplayer has been up and down on me all day.... (refrains from random hooker analogies)Ray
  20. For the record, Keller showed up late, so his approximate stay at this year's Main Event was about 30 minutes.Ouch.Yeah, he's a friend. I need to send some cheer his way when I see him hit AIM. And then cheer for his brother, who is in day two...Ray
  21. Obviously an orgy broke out at one of the tables. *shrug*Ray
  22. Wow, imagine how that one went down.Flop:Harmon: I have Top Set!Opponent: I have a straight!Turn:Harmon: I have a Full House!Opponent: I have a Straight Flush!Flop:Harmon and Opponent: Well that didn't help my opponent unless they only had one heart and were drawing to it!Ray
  23. Speaking as a father of a two and three year old:Punching people in the face for wearing Elmo costumes is completely justified.Ray
  24. Speaking as the self proclaimed poker amateur with no real skill..Ahem...OMFG WTF NEWB TROLL!
  25. [userinfo] => SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tournament_winnings w WHERE w.event_id = 1264 [nativecode=2013 ** Lost connection to MySQL server during query]Wheeeeee.Ray
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