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  1. mark33f

    The Hideout

    I joined FCP in 2004, apparently. Anyone still around from the FCP at work days? I seemingly forget people's user handles.
  2. mark33f

    espn sucks

    My thoughts EXACTLY. And everything has to fit into a convenient one liner...And their horrible original movies and series (Tilt, Playmakers) and ESPN Hollywood...
  3. mark33f

    espn sucks

    Did you know Bettis is from Detroit?And the last man to have the key to the city of Detroit was Saddam Hussein. Wierd.I hate ESPN at all times of the year. They are to focused on being the hip, trendy sports channel...with all the stupid one liners and jokes it is all too much...
  4. Ike...The look Jerry gives her is hilarious...
  5. Is it because he has mouth sores or something?
  6. 1. are you sure it isn't Elaine who doesn't want to go for lunch with George and Julie? I know she doesn't want to because she thinks George will make her buy her lunch. 2. Marie? 3. The names Herbert and Hebert1. That is later. When they 1st meet George asks wanna go to lunch and Jerry says "No just had a big bowl of Kix."Elaine asks for the big salad and later in the episode Julie is meeting George at Monk's and she runs into Jerry and Elaine. Elaine says "I better get going or George will make me buy him lunch to make up for the big salad."2. Wrong.3. Right.
  7. mark33f

    The Hideout

    .. i assume you mean the pics? I love them like strawberry pie!
  8. mark33f

    The Hideout

    it was a joke.No i wasn't trying to be an ass ...I was serious!!!
  9. mark33f

    The Hideout

    CardWarfare-Just make it a habit of celebrating every post as a milestone!!!
  10. Not to be a dick, but starting threads about how general sucks because people make 50 threads about the same thing makes no sense. Well I think it is because general use to be OK. But now a lot of the "regulars"/"oldtimers" whatever have stayed in their seperate sections (Army, strat, off topic). It use to be where everyone would go, now the site is more people going to a certain clique and everyone else murdering themselves in general.That and the fact the promotions and the poker site bring a lot of idiots.
  11. "The Big Salad"Why doesn't Jerry want to go to Monk's for lunch with George and his girl friend Julie?What does Elaine say her middle name is?When Julie is talking about news paper columns, what does George bring up that "he finds fascinating"?
  12. That may be his name, I am not sure. What role does he play? Who is he in relation to George's dad?He is Frank Costanza's divorce lawyer and he saves Noreen from jumping off the brooklyn bridge at the end of that episode...
  13. I believe it is KL5-2390!It is just Elaine, like Cher...George pretended to be Art Vandalay on several different occasions. Name them?When Jerry wanted an excuse to run into the lady from the party at her building...When Jerry is eating with Duncan and Lois(sp)...When he orders the fake computers from Art Van DelayHe calls himself that to use a bathroom can't remember the specifics...He also names Elaine's fake boyfriend this when he needs an excuse of why he is meeting with Marisa Tomay(sp) to Susan
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