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  1. Miss you danny. I should start posting in strat again...Ray
  2. On FCP limit hold'em tables a couple days ago:RIVER [board cards ] Bot1 checks, Bot2 bets, RayPowers calls, Bot1 raises, Bot2 calls, RayPowers calls. I mean, does anyone other than a rake feeding bot bet and raise that board? :PRay
  3. ... Theraflu wins. I'm slower than a cold medicine. How embarassing.Ray
  4. There's a 3d poker site, Truepoker, that has this functionality. You have to click on your cards to see them.Personally I like seeing my cards at all times online, but I can 100% understand why you would want this functionality on all sites. Its simply a matter of preference...Ray
  5. Crappy "me too" post wishing Daniel luck. Good luck on taking home the bracelet!Ray
  6. No updates today? Daniel's already been in a couple key hands....Pasted from CP coverage:Mon Jun 26 14:59:00 PDT 2006Daniel Bergsdorf Eliminated 9thAfter a flop of Jd-9s-8h, Daniel Bergsdorf bets $20,000 and Daniel Negreanu raises to $50,000. Bergsdorf moves all in for his last $214,500 and is immediately called by Negreanu. Bergsdorf shows Kh-Kd but Negreanu turns over Qc-10c for the nut straight. The turn is the 8s, giving Bergsdorf some outs. But, the 7c on the river sends him to the rail in 9th place.Mon Jun 26 14:21:00 PDT 2006Gus Hansen Eliminated 10thDaniel Negreanu limps in from ea
  7. Wowzer. Love the 15 minute break after 29 minutes of play. Those guys must be exhausted! Ray
  8. I know I am lame.. I played last night in a limit holdem private tournament called 10:05pm EST June 20th tiger8191's limit holdem tournament. I need to review a couple of the hand histories for this tournament, particularly at the bubble, but have no hand number to start with. If you can get me any hand number from the event I can do the whole "next/previous" hand thing from there.Thank you!Ray
  9. I read this as "Don't worry Ray, I will blow a 3:1 chip lead to you in the finals again tonight....":)Ray
  10. To answer the question, because I like the site for Daniel's personality and the great people I have met on the site since coming here. I couldn't care less about Brian. I know this sounds harsh, and its not that I don't like Brian. I don't know Brian, at all. I never really talked with him pre-protege-ness, nor have I since. I am happy he won, and wish him riches beyond his dreams, but I don't really need to hear about it in my Inbox. I'd actually be more interested if it told me what Royal Tour or dna4ever was up to, but even then, I don't want it in my Inbox. :)Of course it took me longer t
  11. I apparently need to concede that I am a nit. Ray
  12. I could very much see it as something that goes on the front page of the website, in Daniel's blog, etc. to get people to come TO the poker room. But if you're already a member of the poker room getting their notices....*shrug*Ray
  13. I owe you a Keller pic?Bah!That is so probably all me. Priv message me info and I'll send it out tomorrow. :(Ray
  14. Daniel's Protege, Brian Fidler, Tearing Up Tahoe!....I don't care about this. If I did, I would just read the posts or the coverage. Can the FCP E-mail's stick to tournament announcements and not spam me with how well some guy who won the Protege tournament is doing? (No offense, Brian.)No, I'm not bitter. I'd be equally annoyed if the e-mail was about how well Daniel was doing at the event, and I DO want to know how he is doing. I just don't need extra e-mails that are announcing it.Yes, I know they did announce a tournament at the very bottom, but honestly, I didn't even notice until I read
  15. Yah, air date is June 20th.Ed's URL: Here
  16. Eh, too busy. Playing so little poker lately, I'm down to 1 or 2 nights a week max. You moving perm? Never did get the FCP Arizona Drunken poker run going.. :(Ray
  17. Personally, I've found the numbers don't change much until you get four handed or shorter, but your mileage may vary and I may just be really effing tight :PRay
  18. Well, the unfortunate easy answer is that 1000 hands is unlikely to get you very good stats. I think about 10,000 is the minumum if you want to get a feel for what's really going on and pushing through any small variance curves. That being said, have you looked at the Poker Tracker for Beginners post in strategy? No lies, this post was SOLID GOLD for me when I first started using online trackers, and I still reccommend to to everyone I can to this day. Its at here.After you read that, sure, I'll answer what I can.Speedz! Greets! How goes life man?Ray
  19. Nope. I have played many a session with him and he doesn't even have any such software on any of his computers. Nor does his brother Shawn. Shawn even goes so far as to say he thinks it detracts a player's attention from the game to use one.Personally, I love them. I own both Poker tracker and Poker Office and find them invaluable for ring games. That might be a bit of the difference by the way. He rarely plays ring games, preferring to play heads up matches, and I admit I'm not sure how useful tracking software is for headsup play exclusively.Ray
  20. We used to play that evil Magic The Gathering card game together a long time ago in a card shop in Scottsdale called Arizona Collector's Paradise. Ray
  21. Part one of a two part series I wrote is up in Cardplayer online now...http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...5464&m_id=65590Just a small brag. Continue on with life. :)Ray
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