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  1. Dutch Boyd plays there all the time.http://www.dutchboyd.com/blog/2006/11/wsex.htmlMaybe he can win enough to pay back all those people he F`d when he shut down HIS poker site.
  2. Who are you talking to, and good job hijacking what could have been a "nice" post thanking the guy who made it possible for you to make wierd out of the blue posts when your not discussing poker.
  3. I would just like to thank Daniel for being so good to his fans. Earlier I wrote a post about the fact the new ABC poker show wasnt on. He came on and explained what was going on. How many "famous" people would do that??I also am on a local poker site here in Upstate NY (that im not going to write the name of so I dont get flamed for spaming!) One of the moderators has Daniel on his myspace and they write back and forth once in a while. Daniel took the time to check out the site and write a post saying it was nice, and has come back once and a while to check it out. Very cool.Thanks for everyt
  4. Not that far up. Im about an hour west of Albany. Thanks for clearing it up.Thats too bad. Its wierd how they will put that much time and effort into something and then just can it right before its supposed to go on. Oh well, I had been looking forward to it. Hope they put it on somewhere, and soon!
  5. 2:00. It didnt say eastern, pacific or anything like that either. Just from 2-3 pm on every sat and sunday from the 11th until chrismas.
  6. Im in upstate ny. Are you around here, or is this all over?
  7. So I tuned in to watch that new poker show that is supposed to be on and there is an encore presentation of some football stuff. Even the tv guide channel says its supposed to be on. Anyone else having this problem??
  8. Pros dont have any holes in their game then huh?
  9. I do this ALL the time. Ive been getting better, but its cost me a crapload of money doing it so far. Its funny how one of the biggest holes someone has at my small level of play is being able to know what someone has. It drives me nuts because its validation for the smallest split second because I knew the hand.........but the long term feeling of handing over my chips sucks.
  10. Mine is just a video of my wife..................uhexercising!
  11. Plus, I was kind of looking for free stuff.
  12. In a room with my friend who likes poker too. Half the time its mindless assembly type work, the rest of the time its Grant writting for non profit organizations. We bought a radio that plays not only cds, tapes, am/fm, but mp3s too. Have already done the radio thing, music thing, and books on tape thing. Looking for something new. Did that. That boys boring unless hes freaking out.
  13. Scott mentioned 2 jacks in the hole. Does anyone know where to download those shows to listen to? I see where you can get them from Itunes. I want them in Mp3 format though.
  14. Anyone know where I can download either poker shows or poker books, etc. to listen to at work. Dont have access to a computer, but i have an Mp3 player that I can listen to. I already have most of the circuit. Thanks!!
  15. Maybe DN can hook up with the best..........Call in Dutch!!
  16. I wasnt saying anything about you. I was saying that I didnt think DN had played much online before FCP.
  17. DOnt think he played much online before.
  18. No offense, but can you explain first why you think its not a good idea? Thanks.
  19. "Clickity Clank Clickity Clank,The money goes into my piggy bank" - 50 cent (the rapper not how much I win )
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