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  1. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  2. Poker goals:1) Make at least 25k in poker profits in 2011.2) Revive my online tournament playNon-poker goals:1) FINALLY finish my degree.2) Get a job in my field -- wherever that may be...
  3. I was coming in here to nominate DinkDonk and Mr Sparco.I am glad that my opinions match the opinions of the rest of the community.
  4. I liked another name on there. Dwyte Pilgrim$1,563,947 won in 2010Before 2010, Dwyte Pilgrim was considered to be the best minor league grinder in the business. He had a handful of WSOP Circuit championship rings, various other “small” titles and tons of cashes along the grade-B circuit. In September 2010 though, Pilgrim “shocked the world” when he won the largest-ever WPT event, the 2010 Borgata Poker Open. Pilgrim conquered a field of 1,042 entrants to take home $733,802 and silence the critics. Although it may have taken Pilgrim many years in the minor leagues before he finally made it to
  5. If I get over my hate for PTR invading my FB, I will vote for you.
  6. You do realize that if online poker gets regulated/legalized, then cheating will become a criminal offence, right?
  7. In that case shouldn't she pepper her post with smiley faces and bold type?
  8. Merby

    The Blender

    Everything I ever wanted to know about bikes ...and long Island escorts: ...What about Connecticut Asian escorts? ...Damn this guy must be some pimp!
  9. Did you try depositing into your other Full Tilt account?
  10. Happy birthday Rose. 10$ on his butt and $50 on the rest of his body?
  11. Yeah, but they never warned me about giving candy to a stranger. If that were to happen, then trick-or-treating on Halloween would die.
  12. TB17 was able to ninja his reply in just before the inevitable lock...
  13. I agree on this. I think Gary Wise is probably pulling a Shaun Deeb by over-hyping some useful-but-not-monumental story. This will end up just doing the news story a disservice.
  14. The breaking news is probably about Eastgate auctioning off his bracelet for Unicef. That's my guess, anyway...
  15. If the opponent is Tenking then this is a snap call.
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