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  1. I got my Chip set on the 10th very nice set the tray was all busted but so happy to get it and tyvm for the tshirt and 2 extra decks of cards
  2. oh i live in butt phuck nowhere all mail is slow here ill give it 2 weeks before we need to wonder tyty cant wait
  3. I haven't received anything yet I assume my chip set was sent out also????
  4. 2 months later just checking if anything has been sent out yetand it appears no activity on this thread so again we wait woulda like the chip set a year later for my holiday games but maybe next year very disappointing
  5. you say this guy is doing this as a favor to you ........hes not doing it so wheres the favor.........I guess im just impatient....does that mean in 2012 we will receive?
  6. i cant wait for those chips to arrive its now september and guy was sending them out in july......
  7. aww thats a great wait time thanks a bunch im all excited
  8. well rumor has it that it that I may have to wait months and months and months and months for my chip set is this true???? or is someone sending it all out soon as all the addresses are collected???
  9. he hasnt ever known me not to be on top of him so he doesnt know any diff so of course he loves it
  10. .1) What's your favorite pizza topping(s)? ----- Ham(canadian bacon) & Pineapple2) Favorite baseball team? ------------- Im Canadian Phuck baseball *** H O C K E Y ***3) What makes me better than Rose?------------ your the dude giving out the stakes -4) Cookies or cup cakes? ------------- depends how much week i smoked5) What do you think about 5 guys? ------------- Its a sick twisted slutty fantasy I got who told.....-6) Do you even know what 8 game is? ------------ I won one here so i thin
  11. Wtg Diamond Dixi on your win woooohoooo seems only the girls win here
  13. omg i seriously didnt mean to add that pic it went in by mistake then i put one over top of it but i guess the second didnt take lol i hope not to many saw
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