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  1. I have and did run pokerstove. However, during game situations, you don't have pokerstove handy and you instinctively make these judgement calls. I just wanted to see how people would consider the weight of various hands.
  2. What percentage would you guys put on this guy having 1. flush, 2. a better king, 3. a full house, 4. Ax, 5. something worse or stone cold bluff.Does 1. 50%, 2. 20%, 3. 5%, 4. 15%, 5. 10%Seem reasonable?
  3. My bad...should read first line of post.
  4. I don't remember the number for NL but 6xbb per 100 is beating the game at limit.Let's say 10xbb per 100 or about $200 a month would be my guess.
  5. Once he called your flop, you should be thinking 7,Q,10,5 (in that order) are your scare cards and you're already losing to all the sets and AA, KK. I would actually be really happy since I have 2 of the Qs. The facts are:. One of your key scare cards came.. You fired a healthy bet and he said "I don't care" with his shove.. There are only a small number of hands that don't beat you that might do that. Like a badly played AJ who thinks your flop bet is a continuation.. You only have one pair.Fold and fight another day.
  6. At this level, probably. However, what's your read on him and the table.
  7. I am just looking at the range of things that would call us and so far it seems there are more hands that have us beat. I think it really depends on the level and skill of play. If these players were any good, I think 2 pair would lay it down here. There would be a strong chance for trips as well. If you feel two pair and trips would call then we have more reason to shove. Otherwise, this becomes a steal money from other other straight by representing a flush move. Pushing may well be the only move here, but I don't want to discount the chance that there is a significant chance that the
  8. Do people feel that people will call the shove with 2 pair or trips here? What is the value of the shove except to push out the other straights. Even then, AhJx might call. So anyone who calls you has a flush and at worse AhJx or AhAx.
  9. Any other reads on the villian besides showing one hand down that was good? Is he generally tight?He does have a large stack so if you feel that you can stack him if you hit the set, then it's worth the 9. Otherwise, fold.
  10. Bet the turn. Whatever hand he has has caught up by the turn.
  11. I think you bet the turn something like $120 to $150. There is no reason to believe that your hand is no good yet. He is on a flush draw more often than a straight chase. I think you might fold to a push.
  12. I think most agree that the reraise before the flop was the right move =) But I was trying to generate discussion rather than the standard answers that we always get.
  13. So the reason why I raise the issue of flat calling on the flop is that we've been drilled too much in the head to be aggressive, but what that agression gets you is big pots on the flop with a single pair. I think that in general, big pots with single pairs is something we want to avoid. I think the real issue in my opinion is the double barrel on the turn. If we believe that raiser will double barrel on the turn with air, then we have to raise to define. However, since he's out of position, he would be crazy to double barrel with air. He may check on the turn and that'll define his hand
  14. I suspect so as well. Although we don't really know unless they talk it up.The oddest thing was what I saw from some new players in a fake money game at work (we play during lunch). There is this player who decides to be really LAG donkish most of the time. Hey was paying off people entire buy-ins with only middle pair, etc. But he was able to make several hero folds including trips vs. trips, trips vs. full house, etc.
  15. Do folks have opinions on the flat calling and re-evaluating on the turn?I understand the logic of reraising pre-flop and on the flop to define the hands, but does anyone think that flat calling on the flop with someone to act behind you would scare AA, KK, QQ and maybe even a weak 6? Could that buy you a free turn and potentially a cheap showdown about the same cost as your flop raise?In other words, if I had A6 suited, would I always reraise this fairly safe board on the flop against a bet from the initial raiser when there is donkey value behind me? Would not a call scare people more than
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