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  1. Great Job by our special forces/Intelligence groups and just heard the speech from Obama - He hit the right notes.
  2. Great two shows!Since I haven't read the books it's hard to keep track of the characters but
  3. Go Sharks!LG: A day late and a dollar short but tone shouldn't be checking emails/whatever on the phone when he's with youThe priest at my church was the basis of the move "The Rite" - 4 exorcisms!I had quite a bit to drink tonight but it was all worth it when the Sharks won it in OT!Not sure if I want to trade Eli to Brv but I'll think about it tomorrowI've been watching Game of Thrones and I think that the dire wolves are really huskies in disguise. Makes me sentimental for my great husky!I've started watching Glee with the kids - great show Ron!And on TP: Over is the correct response
  4. Happy Easter Sickies!When I went to write a check to the Church this morning, the check # was 666. Obviously a test.
  5. Thanks Adam for another great year!A lot of luck goes into winning and my team stayed relatively healthy which helped a great deal. Also, I barely missed on my top line Sharks at the draft as they were picked off one by one literally right before my pick and I had to "settle" in the later rounds for Niemi, Couture and Clowe...I know a lot less about hockey than all of you but it's better to be lucky than smart in a fantasy league! See you all next year!
  6. USA Today Article on some folks that have been helped by the new health law.USA Today Editorial
  7. gobears


    I'm against trading also.Also I'm against having an IR since we do have bench spots. I have IR spots in another BB league but that is because every player on a team's roster counts. In that case, someone getting hurt would result in playing one less player until that player came back.In this league, we have a bench for that. If someone decides to use their bench to carry a bunch of rookies/guys with promise, then that is a trade-off versus another team that carries players in their 30's who actually play.
  8. gobears


    Yahoo designation decides (they require 10 games to be position eligible). I'm 99% sure that is the rule so Lind is good at both 1B/OF.
  9. gobears


    Players available for trade/picks:Ben Zobrist $6.00 Tier 2Matt LaPorta $1.00 No TierRaul Ibanez $2.00 No TierJonathon LuCroy $1.00 No TierJayson Nix $1.00 No TierEric Young Jr. $1.00 No Tier
  10. I concur - add the Asian voteOh and congrats Steve on member of the month - almost missed it!
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sickies!Was hanging out outside a candy shop with the husky yesterday waiting for the kids - nice family came over to see our dog. 10 year old girl had a slice of pizza in her hand until my dog snatched it right out of her hand. Luckily the family thought it was funny.
  12. I grew up with cats and we always put the litter box in the garage so there were no problems with it stinking up the house. Also we left the door to the garage ajar and the cats could open it up by just pawing it at it so we didn't have to worry about the cats doing their business in the house because they couldn't get into the garage.Our friend's cat just got run over by a car so it's not really safe for cats to be outside - we live in a residential area but drivers don't pay attention and some of them probably aim for the cats. Also, we've had coyote sightings in the area and quite a few o
  13. One of the medical writers that I read feels that this is a horrible decision for insurers. If the individual mandate to have insurance is found to be unlawful but the right to get insurance without regard to preexisting condition remains, insurers will drown in red ink. He mentions that Washington had a test program back in the 80's and of course people just bought insurance when they found they were in need of expensive medical procedures/treatment and then stopped making insurance payments once the treatments were done.
  14. You need to move to a major city - you're too smart - move to where the opportunity lies. One of my friends in college didn't have a job and found something just running orders on the Pacific Stock Exchange. A fund manager noticed him, gave him a start and he was running a fund. Now, I haven't spoken to him in years so who knows what he's doing now but at least he got a shot to run money.I'm actually in Chicago now (well the outlying areas) - freezing my ass off. Now I know why I live in California.I still read all of the posts even though I'm not around during the day so much of the conten
  15. I'm sure that you're joking (tin foil hat anyone) but for those who would take this seriously, below is a link to a much more likely reason why Reid won.http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2...ts-latino-vote/This also makes it likely that Rubio will be running sooner rather than later for POTUS - quite a few Republicans that I know aren't sure who will run in two years against Obama but feel that Rubio is the next big thing for the Elephants.
  16. I've worked over 20 years in silicon valley - typically, it's the low wage employees who get fired fairly often since it's pretty easy to replace them. For the high level folks, they can screw up but they typically only get fired when a new CEO/CFO/COO takes over and cleans house (e.g. all the VPs get fired, even the good ones) and bring in their "trusted" staff.As for middle management, it rolls downhill as the new VPs bring in their own staff. Once in awhile, you find a new manager who actually tries to be objective and actually takes some time to evaluate his new staff before swinging the
  17. I thought that my boy Marty was a goner. Stupid decision to give it up but somehow he sticks around again. That's two weeks where he should have been voted out and stuck around.The only good thing for Marty that came out of it was Sash's freudian slip which won't help him in the future.
  18. As long as that is PST it would be fine - I don't get home from work until 6 or so
  19. I'm around next week anytime - hope that we can get this thing going again!
  20. gobears


    Thanks Guys - somehow, Washington Pitching and Volstad came thru for me in games 6 and 7. Looking forward to next year!
  21. Sorry to hear about your Dad Randy - he's fortunate that you were there at the end for him.
  22. So stupid.....A friend of mine who is a new father just got his whooping cough shot since he's afraid of stuff like this.
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