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  1. I'm finally at my computer (couldn't login from my phone) and just had a quick update. I cashed! There were about 370 people and I placed around 30th. Great structure. Wasn't able to win two big hands with oesf draws vs their top pairs (had them covered and got them all in on the flop) sigh, but had a great time. A small victory, but hopefully a sign of good things to come.
  2. Been a long time since I've posted.Heading to Vegas and playing in the 12pm NL. There is also an omaha8/stud8 event that day too.Best wishes to everyone and let me know if you are around to say hi if you're out there!
  3. Played a live tourney with 15 runners and min-cashed for 3rd (top 3 made the money) and WOW did it feel good to play a live tourney again. Playing 95% online for the past year has really helped my game, and I have all of the FCP community to thank. Thanks again FCP!
  4. I am venturing out of the general and strat forum with this link a friend sent to me. http://www.didthecavswinlastnight.com/
  5. @Erik_SeidelErik SeidelI'm relieved to report the 250k super high roller here in Oz has no rebuys
  6. I saw this on 60 minutes and never thought to post the link for everyone. Fail on my part.
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